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May 17, 2020

Hi Guys    

My Perfect 964 Carrera 2 Coupe

To anyone thinking of buying a classic Porsche, I can honestly say Tom is one of the most informed people I spoke to on my journey to find my forever car and an absolute gentleman. Having never owned a classic Porsche before and having waited a good few years to get one, I asked a lot of questions. I often contacted Tom two or three times a day in the run up to seeing it and he was always very patient and easy to speak to.  Tom and the team were extremely accommodating when I arranged for a professional mechanical and paint inspection at very short notice (which it cruised through). Negotiation was effortless and extremely fair and was mostly done before I’d even got there.

To the car….. WOW.    The pictures I had did not do it justice, it looks phenomenal. Unsurprising as the standard of the cars at Border Reivers in general is ridiculously high and when you get to the showroom it’s easy to see why, when I saw the quality, love and attention which go into their cars. The car was easily the nicest to drive and most well presented of the 964s I drove when looking. I was unsure about manual v tip, Tom and I spoke at length about this, he assured me given the driving I was going to be doing the tip would be better and he was on the money again. I picked the car up on a Friday afternoon for a scintillating  330 mile drive home, the car never missed a beat and I was relaxed enough I could have turned around and driven straight back, In fact, I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and get out in him again for a few hours.   The 964s are honestly worth the hype and Border Reivers are worthy of their reputation.  If I had the means and the garage space I’d be on my way back up there right now for that breathtaking 1958 356A Speedster.

Thanks again Tom (17-05-2020)

See you again when this lockdown malarkey is over.

Kind regards

David Baughan

Client Services Director


We really appreciate customers taking the time to share their experiences & leaving a testimonial. Thanks David it was our pleasure. We look forward to seeing you again when you do the North Coast 500 (NC500)






This is to state that when I visited the premises of Border Reivers,I was really impressed by the knowledge of Tom Fitzsimmons when it comes to Porsche.The standard to which the cars are presented is meticulous.I have been communicating with them over many years as their offerings of Porsche have seemed mouthwatering, but one never knows by conversation alone the extent of enthusiasm and detail knowledge that Tom has put into the business, so it was a real pleasure to be there for real. I have been connected with the Marque Porsche ever since the early 60s and have driven them internationally and for Porsche themselves over many years. I have been buying, selling and racing Porsche for 48 years and it is a real pleasure to see such enthusiasm translated into such a passionate business always seeking perfection in the product.UnknownQuick Nick with his trade mark front wheel in the air

Nick Faure.7 times Le-Mans entrant racing for Porsche.BRDC Member