Border Reivers 2014 Monte-Carlo Rally Entrant Sold

May 24, 2014
paddy hopkirk sharing a joke with tom at the start of the monte

The 2014 Monte-Carlo Volvo gets sold to a Husband & wife team, who plan to Rally it in next years Nova Scotia to San Francisco Rally.

Border Revers wishes them a safe adventure.

Roy Kunz Details the latest Porsche 356 at Border Reivers

May 24, 2014

Roy with our latest 356 Speedster

I had a most memorable road trip this afternoon says Sir Jackie Stewart

May 21, 2014

I had the most memorable road trip this afternoon, as memorable a trip as I have had for 40 years following the Porsche of Nick Faure across the wilds of Northern Scotland.


Nick Faure (above) in the Border Reivers Porsche 911

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Sir Jackie Stewart & the Duke of Kent following the Border Reivers Porsche 911 (Nick Faure driving)


The ex-James Hunt / Lord Hesketh Porsche 3.0 RS  with the Border Reivers 911 in the background


Border Reivers rescue BRDC member & Ex-Porsche works Driver Nick Faure

May 20, 2014

Nick with Toms car

Border Reivers rescue BRDC member Nick Faure.Nick was on his way to Inverness to take park in the Ecurie Ecosse Tour when his car gave up.He called Border Reivers for help & Tom loaned him his Porsche (Nick with toms Porsche) seen here on the highest pass in Scotland.Nick drove 7 times at Le Mans & was a Porsche works driver.He has some famous company on the tour (Below)

Good Luck on the tour Nick


Duke of Kent, Jackie Stewart, Lord Vestey, Nick Faure, Ollie Bryant, Adrian Hamilton, Hugh Mc Caig, Graham Gauld, Andrew Fletcher, Bobby Bell and Neil Corner





Advice from Border Reivers finance man Robert

May 17, 2014

Border Reivers are running 3 track nights this Summer at Knockhill Race Circuit

May 15, 2014

Border Reivers along with dreadnought are running 3 track nights this Summer.We need your support if this is to be a regular fixture.

The dates are 29th May,July 10th and August 28th.6pm till 8pm

Open pit lane

Passengers free

Additional drivers free

£80 Per car

Call Tom on 07591112581 or Paul 01877331099 to book


Late night in the shop after a busy day

May 8, 2014

In the shop today 2 x 911 Speedsters.

May 5, 2014

Its a rare sight to see a 911 speedster but to see 2 in the same shop.The Silver Speedster is a clients in for an overhaul both bodily & mechanical and the Black Speedster is for sale at Border Reivers.

Border Reivers black 356A Speedster gets sold back to the states.

May 4, 2014

Border Reivers,Concours winning Speedster gets sold back to the USA.Interesting that the Americans are waking up to the fact that they have lost so many of their classic Porsche’s,as the drain has been going on since the late 80’s however its slowed right down now and classic Porsche’s are no longer cheaper to buy in the states.In the UK / Europe currently we have a fantastic selection of ex-USA cars, they are here  now with the shipping & duty having been paid,and can be purchased for less than USA sourced cars, such is the demand at present from the home market (USA) and this situation doesn’t seem to be letting up.

Border Reivers Add for July in Classic Cars magazine

May 3, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 18.20.29

Aston Martins Jet 2 seen at Gleneagles at the close of the Scottish Malts rally

May 3, 2014
IMG_0153 IMG_0155

Are you ready for Porsche’s return to Le-Mans?

May 3, 2014



This is to state that when I visited the premises of Border Reivers,I was really impressed by the knowledge of Tom Fitzsimmons when it comes to Porsche.The standard to which the cars are presented is meticulous.I have been communicating with them over many years as their offerings of Porsche have seemed mouthwatering, but one never knows by conversation alone the extent of enthusiasm and detail knowledge that Tom has put into the business, so it was a real pleasure to be there for real. I have been connected with the Marque Porsche ever since the early 60s and have driven them internationally and for Porsche themselves over many years. I have been buying, selling and racing Porsche for 48 years and it is a real pleasure to see such enthusiasm translated into such a passionate business always seeking perfection in the product.UnknownQuick Nick with his trade mark front wheel in the air

Nick Faure.7 times Le-Mans entrant racing for Porsche.BRDC Member