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Please note: The testimonials written below are genuine & unaltered. We would be happy to put you in touch with any of our clients should you require verification.

Who buys from Border Reivers ? Well, it just blows us away, the people who come to the shop from around the Globe, Olympic weightlifters, Premier league footballers, International Rugby players, Pop stars, Museums, Collectors, Investors, F1 Engineers, CEO’s to name a few. You never know who is coming through the door however everyone has one thing in common they are all car enthusiasts.


Mr Klein Porsche 911 GT3 mk1 Purchased from Border Reivers (above) Germany

Head of Vehicle Management

Dr.Ing h.c.F.Porsche AG



70435 Stuttgart


Mr Shaws Porsche 911 Supersport (below)

I purchased  1987 Porsche Supersports SE sight unseen from Tom at Border Reivers.

Not having dealt with Tom previously or had ever imported a car I was a bit uncertain how the whole exercise would end up.

The description of the car and photo list was extensive however there are always doubts , I rang Tom and discussed the car and the import process and then decided to proceed with the purchase and import to Australia.

Tom recommended a shipping agent and then arranged delivery to their Hull depot after the car being serviced by Porsche in Glasgow, the car was then carefully loaded and secured in a container prior to shipping.

Once clearance was complete and the car delivered I was then most surprised with the overall condition and quality of the car.

The photos did it an injustice, it looks like it just rolled of the assembly line, absolutely amazing condition.

I would recommend Tom at Border Reivers to anyone looking for a quality classic car , you will certainly be pleased with the outcome.

Graeme Shaw


Shaw Wines

34 Isabel Drive 

Murrumbateman  NSW  2582

Ph: (02) 6227 5827


Mr Shaws, car safely arrived in Sydney (above) 1st Sept 2021

Mr Baughans Porsche 911/964 (below)

David’s 964 Coupe (above)

Hi Guys    

My Perfect 964 Carrera 2 Coupe

To anyone thinking of buying a classic Porsche, I can honestly say Tom is one of the most informed people I spoke to on my journey to find my forever car and an absolute gentleman. Having never owned a classic Porsche before and having waited a good few years to get one, I asked a lot of questions. I often contacted Tom two or three times a day in the run up to seeing it and he was always very patient and easy to speak to.  Tom and the team were extremely accommodating when I arranged for a professional mechanical and paint inspection at very short notice (which it cuised through). Negotiation was effortless and extremely fair and was mostly done before I’d even got there.

To the car….. WOW.    The pictures I had did not do it justice, it looks phenomenal. Unsurprising as the standard of the cars at Border Reivers in general is ridiculously high and when you get to the showroom it’s easy to see why, when I saw the quality, love and attention which go into their cars. The car was easily the nicest to drive and most well presented of the 964’s I drove when looking. I was unsure about manual v tip, Tom and I spoke at length about this, he assured me given the driving I was going to be doing the tip would be better and he was on the money again. I picked the car up on a friday afternoon for a scintillating  330 mile drive home, the car never missed a beat and I was relaxed enough I could have turned around and driven straight back, In fact, I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and get out in him again for a few hours.   The 964’s are honestly worth the hype and Border Reivers are worthy of their reputation.  If I had the means and the garage space I’d be on my way back up there right now for that breathtaking 1958 356A Speedster.

Thanks again Tom (17-05-2020)

See you again when this lockdown malarkey is over.

Kind regards

David Baughan

Client Services Director


David (below)

Mr Richardsons car (below)

In this brave new world I was a little bit concerned about making my first ‘remote’ vehicle purchase.  The whole experience however has been faultless and I have to commend Tom and the team at Border Reivers for their excellent customer service.  The new car was delivered safely and the condition of the vehicle is if anything better than described.  Based on this experience ‘virtual’ certainly seems to be the way ahead. Many thanks  Tom, the car is in Excellent condition & its been a pleasue to deal with you,


John Stark’s 911SC (below)

Mr Stark enjoying his beautiful 911 (above)

“After spotting the gold SC on Border Reivers website we had to go and take a look. On meeting Tom it was clear right away that he is the real deal when it comes to classic Porsche; exemplified by his magnificent collection. My wife and I fell in love instantly with the gold SC. Never had we seen such an elegantly presented 911. The car was right, a faultless solid drive and in time-warp condition. After we agreed the deal, Tom kindly took care of the car for the winter months for us to prepare the garage for its arrival. Driving our beautiful Porsche is so much fun and it just puts a smile on everyones faces as we whizz by. You will not find a more knowledgeable and honest chap to deal with than on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomand.”  – Mr. John Stark (Artist) 2020

Due to a change in circumstances brought about by the virus.Mr Stark has regrettably had to part with his beloved SC. Once again coming back to Border Reivers to sell it, such is the relationship we build with our clients.

This is the new custodians kind comments

Dear Tom and John,

A quick note to say thank you both for facilitating the purchase of the SC. I do admit that there was a point where I was getting a bit panicky. Having missed out on the car last time, and perhaps even the previous time, I didn’t want to see it slip through my hands again. The car is lovely. I knew the photos on the site were not recent, and I was worried that time might have taken its toll, but the car looked just as fresh as it did on the website. We drove down to Guildford over a couple of days without a problem. The car was noisy, the steering was heavy, the cabin was hot, and the suspension was not particularly compliant. In other words, it performed exactly as it would have done back in the day. I really do think it is a very pretty little thing; Sara is delighted with it. Anyway, once again, many thanks to the both of you.

Many thanks and kind regards.

 Chris Cotton






Mr Pickfords beautiful 1972 Porsche 911T (above)

Hi Tom, Kermit has been delivered safe & sound. First impressions it looks just as I remembered ie Superb. I hope our local high street is ready for the 70’s colour. Please use this as a testimonial for a great car and a super deal, here is a picture of my two 911T’s together (below) , Kind regards Chris


Mr Wrights Porsche 964 C2 (below)IMG_8382

Mr Wright is an Engineer with McLearn Honda F1 Team and is one of the team who analyse Fernando Alonso’s race car data and travels with the team to every race (Lucky Guy)        “Engineer@HondaRacingF1”

Hi Tom,

Here is my Testimonial: After viewing a few Porsche 3.2 Carrera’s, my partner and I drove up to see Tom at Border Reivers.
He had a 3.2 Porsche I wanted to view. The car was lovely however I was distracted by a stunning white 964 Carrera 2 parked next to it.
Tom allowed us to test drive both and decide which car we preferred, It was the 964 hands down.
Tom is fantastic to deal with, very laid back, professional and very knowledgeable.
We drove the car back down to Northampton, need less to say it performed faultlessly and I’m over the moon with it.”


The happy couple below heading home. (below)

christopher wright

Mr Guest’s Porsche 911 (below)

Hi Tom

“My wife and I have wanted a vintage 911 for quite some time. Admittedly, me a bit more than my wife.

Initially we found searching for our dream car a fairly stressful experience. Especially as it turns out that neither one of us knows much, to be honest anything about vintage 911’s, (especially me).

Fortunately Tom at Border Reivers was recommended to me by a mate who has bought cars from him in the past.

In addition to being an incredibly patient and decent gentleman, Tom is insanely knowledgeable about everything Porsche related.

All of his cars are immaculately shown. I highly recommend visiting his showroom – it’s awesome!

We were blown away by the level of service history that came along with our car. The car runs perfectly and is an absolute pleasure to drive. Tom has also been readily available at the end of the phone whenever I’ve needed help with anything.

I can’t recommend Border Reivers enough. Olly Guest”

Olly & Lisa (above)

John and his son James (above) on the Scottish Malts Rally

I must say…. My trip to Balmaha last year was pretty random but i’m very glad I went. I know it took me a long time to make a decision and I can be  occasionally slightly demanding but you and your team have well and truly surpassed what i’d hoped for. The car has been brilliant. Your service has also been excellent. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and further refining the Tartan Hog with you. Top notch,Tom . Thank you

John Gearing,    Vice President/Managing Director Timberland & Sportswear

 Porsche 911 SC purchased from Border Reivers (below)

(Below) John rallying the car in Iceland

John Fitzpatrick’s 911E Purchased By Mr Grice (below)

In search of a pre-impact Porsche 911

What an experience I have just been through.For a good few years now I have hankered for an early 911 but only with the right credentials. I realised I had missed the boat when values went bonkers, so I had stopped looking.

Trouble is, when spring comes around, I get the itch again and start searching, all the time thinking nothing suitable will come up.

First on the scene: a LHD Irish green 69 911T restored and modified – not suitable buttery nice.

Next up: a 964 – I know but just a thought!

Then trolling through Car and Classics, I saw a RH drive Sportomatic which Interested me because it was on sale at BorderReivers so I rang Tom Fitzsimmons to chat and he quickly realised I didn’t really want a Sportomatic, he talked to me about his own manual 911E, a RH drive 70 in Condor Green, he said I should come & view both if I was Intrested so I booked a few days stay.

The cars was stunning with a fabulous history. I drove the car & fell in Love. I am now the proud owner of my dream car.I feel guilty that I have taken this car out of toms personal collection but for some reason it was meant to be.

From first discussions to the delivery of the car to my home I had a brilliant experience. I can’t thank Tom enough for his kindness & patience.

The car sits nicely alongside my lovely Pre-A 356 Cab.

Thanks Tom

Jim Grice

John Fitzpatrick with his 1st 911 purchased new in 1970

Mr P.McGibney Porsche 356C (below)


Nice email today from our client Paul who recently purchased our right hand drive Porsche 356C

Good Morning Tom

I hope this finds you well. Just a quick update. I’ve had my 356 on a number of short Wicklow trips & a couple of enjoyable local runs over the last few days. The good news is that she is everything I had hoped for and read about these cars for the last twenty years. The driving experience is extremely exhilarating and visceral & yet more comfortable than many modern cars. Thanks so much for your assistance with everything. You took so much of the hard work out of it, Cheers Paul



Mr Hewitt’s Porsche 911-993 Turbo (above)   Hi Tom. Collected the car on Thursday, very very pleased. Thank you, Mike


Mr Clark Porsche 911 Supersport (above)

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a 911 Supersport from Border Reivers.
On first meeting Tom, it was clear that this was not just a business and the Borders Reivers team are indeed passionate about what they do. Not only are their premises set in a beautiful location, but the cars available are stunning. That’s worth a visit alone! Biggest downside to finally purchasing a car is that I won’t have an excuse to visit!
As this was my first classic Porsche, I was very sceptical about buying the wrong car, but I could have saved a huge amount of time and effort had I found Border Reivers earlier.
Tom’s knowledge and expertise is invaluable; even after purchasing and taking delivery, he has still taken an interest and been on hand to answer any questions. Sorry Tom!
This after sales service is refreshing and displays the enthusiasm the team have. Having someone at the end of the phone to aid any queries and offer advice, certainly adds to the overall experience.
It has been a genuine pleasure and I look forward to hopefully buying from them again in the future…once a larger garage has been secured!

Regards Tony

Unknown“Fast Nick” racing with his trade mark front wheel in the air (above)


Nick Faure (England) Le-Mans entrant 11 times racing Porsche and Ferrari.BRDC member 

This is to state that when I visited the premises of Border Reivers, I was really impressed by the knowledge of Tom Fitzsimmons when it comes to Porsche. The standard to which the cars are presented is meticulous. I have been communicating with them over many years as their offerings of Porsche cars have seemed mouthwatering however one never knows by conversation alone the extent of enthusiasm and detail knowledge that Tom has put into his business,so it was a real pleasure to be there for real. I have been connected with the Porsche Marque ever since the early 60’s and have driven them internationally and for Porsche themselves over many years. I have been buying, selling and racing Porsche for 48 years and it is a real pleasure to see such enthusiasm translated into such a passionate business always seeking perfection in the product.

Kind regards

Nick Faure (Bournemouth)

11662__dsc7243Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 14.20.46Nicks, 1976 Le-Mans entry 934 Porsche RSR Turbo (above)

angle2Thomas Eder , Racing his Porsche 365 at the Nurburgring (above) 


Porsche 356 A Bj. 1959 – sehr guter Zustand, für Rennen aufgebaut!

Anzeige gefunden, sofort in das Auto verliebt – Anbieter Border Reivers?? Wo- Schottland??

Also, einen Flug gebucht nach Edinburgh und kurzer Hand auf die Insel geflogen.

Ganz idyllisch ein Stück hinter Glasgow an einem See gelegen hat sich die Firma “Border Reivers” versteckt

und auf hochwertige Autos spezialisiert.

Der Inhaber – Tom Fitzsimmons ist mehr als freundlich uns hilfsbereit und versucht seinen Kunden

fast jeden Wunsch von den Augen abzulesen, hat uns spät nachts noch zum Essen ausgeführt und

kurz vor Mitternacht nach zurück nach Glasgow gefahren.

Wir konnten in einer blitzsauberen Halle das Objekt der Begierde in aller Ruhe inspizieren (und alle

anderen Auto’s auch noch) und durften danach eine Probefahrt durch die Highlands absolvieren.

Sämtliche Sonderwünsche und Umbauten wurden durch Border Reivers noch erledigt und

und gegen Entgelt wurde der Wagen noch bis vor die Haustüre in Deutschland geliefert.

Ein wirklich perfekter und freundlicher Service der nicht selbstverständlich ist.

Many thanks Tom, it was great to make business with you!

Thomas Eder aus Bayern. (Germany)

(Translated below)
A TRIP TO SCOTLAND to view a 1959 Porsche 356A – Very good condition, built for racing!  As per the add, I fell in love with the car which was offered by Border Reivers, So a flight booked flown to  Scotland. Quite a bit away from idyllic Glasgow situated on a lake,is where the company “Border Reivers” hides and specialises in high quality cars. The owner – Tom Fitzsimmons is more than friendly to us and very helpful. Caters to his customers every whim. He gave us late night run to Glasgow for a meat, shortly before midnight after back after it. We were in a spotless showroom, full of the objects of desire. He gave us peace to inspect and allowed us to undergo a test drive through the highlands afterwards. We agreed the purchase and some special requests and modifications to be carried out which were done by Border Reivers. We paid for the car and it was delivered to our doorstep in Munich, Germany in a covered transporter. A truly perfect and friendly service which is not self-evident. Many thanks Tom, it was great to do business with you!

Mr Rayments Porsche Supersport (above)


I am very happy for you to use my comments as a testimonials. It is a lovely car, polished and cleaned to perfection. Thank you for tidying and preparing the car for me. I am already enjoying it and looking forward to using it more. You have been straightforward and helpful throughout which has meant a stress free purchase of a great well presented car.

Thanks again, have a good weekend.

Best regard Mr K.Rayment

This Client has purchased 4 cars from Border Reivers ( Nigel’s Austin Healey above)

Hi Tom,
Had my first drive up the road in the wee Healey this morning!!
Sensational is all I can say. I am still smiling!!
Drives so well it is hard to believe it is 64 years old!! Also made everyone who saw it on the road smile on a Monday morning!!
Cant wait until the 356 is sitting beside it!!
Cheers Nigel


Mr E’s  997 GT3 (above)

The GT3 is my third 911, and during these ownerships I’ve dealt with OPCs, general (not so great) sports car specialists and some great Porsche specialists, but what you get from Tom and Sean is something different. They provide a very personal sales experience. They’re very passionate and picky about the cars they sell, and if you get a chance to visit their place by Loch Lomond you’ll see what a cool collection they’ve amassed. Whether it’s an old Jag, Porsche or Merc or something newer like mine, all the cars are a bit special – none of them are just making up the numbers. I really enjoyed dealing with Tom and Sean, they’re very straight talking, passionate about their cars, and good fun to be around. I’m not planning on another purchase soon – the GT3 is a keeper – but I’ll be keeping an eye on the Border Reivers site just in case…’

Mr E (Name withheld by request)

Dr Kumar car  (above)

Dear Tom,

I’m delighted to be the custodian of the Porsche 993 which I got recently from Border Reivers. As a buyer, whilst  I was excited in getting an iconic sports car I was a bit apprehensive as well to make the right choice for a classic car which is two decades old. It is here you played a crucial professional role in giving me the confidence by providing the right & accurate information about the car and its history. Hence my classic car buying experience (thro Border Reivers) has been smooth and easy and I ended up with a gem of a car which is great and fun to drive.

Thanks for your help and continue your good work.

Best wishes  Dr Kumar ( Preston )

Tony & his better half enjoying the Turbo (above)

Hi Tom,
Would like to say thanks for the 996 Turbo you sold me 2 months ago. I have put a 1000 miles on the clock and the car is even better than I ever expected it to be. It took me 8 months to find the right car and I am glad I waited.

I felt reassured buying the car from yourself as you have a fantastic set up there and when you’re paying that much money for a car it needs to be right.

Tony McLean

IMG_0186 IMG_0154

Mr McCallums 2nd Restoration by Border Reivers (above)

I have just taken delivery of the Daimler SP250 and it is fabulous.
The quality of the paintwork and brightwork is absolutely stunning. It is hard to believe that you can achieve that quality of paintwork on a glassfibre body. Your team is to be congratulated. I cannot wait for the next sunny day to take it for a run!

Sincere thanks for a job expertly done.

Regards Scott

008Dr Phillips, Porsche 911sc (above)


A few words to say many thanks for all your help and advice during our first experience of choosing, buying and owning a classic Porsche.
When we walked into the showroom and saw the 1982 911sc it was lust at first sight. Wanting to make sure it was really what I wanted, it was brilliant of you to suggest a few days cooling off period, but at the same time reserving it from sale. The few days passed but there was no cooling off and we did the deal.
You then were very helpful in providing safe storage until we sorted out our garaging arrangement; and to cap it all the car, in immaculate condition, was delivered right to the door.
Cars of this age will obviously need various technical matters sorting out right from time to time. So many thanks for checking it over then safely transporting the car for its MOT this month.
As you know we have been back a few times to look at the selection for sale in the showroom and we have always been made to feel welcome. It’s always like an art collection and we could spend hours there.
So there we have it: superb cars in a superb setting, friendly expert advice, no sales pressure, and excellent after sales support and advice.
I could also mention the demo drive in the Turbo. My eyebrows still haven’t come down and the young lad is still grinning!

Highly recommended.

Dr Phillips

Mr Nicks 911 Cabriolet (above)

Nostalgia led to my recent acquisition of a late 80’s Porsche 911 Cabriolet from Border Reivers .

From the early 80’s to the late 90’s I owned 3 white 911 cabriolets in succession, (an SC, Carrera Sport and a Carrera 2) all were my everyday cars and all really great fun. (Last December) from my home abroad, I commenced my search on the internet for a good late 80’s White 911 Cabriolet, I found the one I subsequently bought on the well presented Border Reivers website. The car’s description, fits my requirements. The phone manner of Tom Fitzsimmons mirrored the ethos of the website so I flew to Scotland to view the vehicle. The car was as described, Tom and his crew were very helpful indeed and more than anything it was quite clear to me that cars (not car dealing) are Tom’s passion. I enjoyed the transaction from start to finish.
If you seek a classic car and If good old fashioned personal service coupled with contemporary efficiency are important to you, I highly recommend Border Reivers.

James Nicks (Very Satisfied Customer)

Mr Mason’s 911 Speedster (above) sold to New Zealand

We are glad to report that our 911 Speedster has arrived safe in New Zealand.
The new owner Mr Mason purchased the car  over the phone, which makes us uncomfortable  however  we have just had a very pleasant e-mail which reads….
Car has arrived safely thanks Sean/Tom. Everything is as described & as expected. Thank you for a great service.

regards Kerry (New Zealand)

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 22.29.31

Mr Mills Porsche 964 (above)

I am truly delighted with the purchase of my Porsche 911 from Border Reivers. Its everything I had been searching for. I  originally dismissed this company as I live in Oxford and they are in Scotland but having been let down by so called specialist locally in the London area. I decided to give Border Reivers a call. The friendliness and helpfulness of the receptionist on my initial call (must have been her soft Scottish accent) got me hooked. I was put through to Tom. He listened to what I had to say and ask me what I wanted the car for ( it was like an interrogation ) but he was just trying to get me into a car the suited my needs rather than just sell me a car. He quickly narrowed it down to a 964 Coupe, he then broke the news he had none in stock !

“What I like about Tom is that there is no a hidden agenda; he won’t try to talk you into a car that benefits him rather than you”.

I felt comfortable and left it with Tom. He called me about 2 weeks later & said he had the right car for me, described it over the phone and sent about 100 images of every nook. I purchased the car on Toms recommendation. I had to pay for it in full before delivery but Tom was so confident he said ( if it’s not as I have described, get the driver to load it back on the truck & your money will be returned the same day).

The car was delivered covered up inside a covered trailer ! At the exact time agreed, by Big George the driver 8.30am.

The car was better than it had been described . Don’t be put off by Border Reivers being in Scotland . The Service provided was the best. A real pleasure to deal with honest enthusiasts.

Best Regards Denis Mills


Mr McCallums Porsche 911 Speedster (Restored by Border Reivers) above

Hi Tom,
The Speedster arrived safely and is now tucked up cosy.
Had a really good look over the car yesterday and it really is superb!
 I am absolutely delighted with the finished article. Thank you to you and your team for a sensational job.
Best  regards, Scott
Sean & RAy

Sean with Mr Stewart and his beautiful Porsche 993 Turbo (above)

Tom and Sean,

It was a genuine pleasure being able to do business with you. Not just in acquiring what is a flawless and completely original car but dealing with people who are passionate about what they do and the way they do it. I was impressed throughout the process by your thorough, professional and very honourable approach. I look forward to doing business with you again, although I suspect it may be some time as I now own what I believe to be a truly great car and it maybe some time before I decide to change!

Warm regards

Ray Stewart (London)

PS I feel that your world famous catering facilities also deserve a mention!

All the bestMs Matthewsons Porsche 911E  (above) Sold to Australia

Hi Tom

I finally picked the Porsche up from the freight company today (Melbourne, Australia) and it is even more divine in real life! You and your team have done an amazing paint job – I am very grateful for the attention to detail – thank you.

The file and books with the car are quite extraordinary. It really makes me feel that this car has been cherished for a very long time. I’ll try to live up to that level of care for the foreseeable future!

I’ll send you some pictures when I get it properly registered and out on the open road.

Anyway, I hope that you are well and business is good. My parents arrive from Sussex in a few weeks time for a Xmas visit so I’m looking forward to taking my father out for a spin. I can blame him for my love of nice cars 😉

Thanks again for everything,


Nick Murdoch

Mr Murdoch (above) gives us the thumbs up after purchasing this beautiful Porsche Carrera 3.2.

“There is only one place to go for the right car and it is Border Reivers. Having spent a lot of money and wasting time looking for the my ideal 911. I should have gone direct to Border Reivers. You will not find nicer, more enthusiastic chaps than Tom and his team. My new 911 is absolutely amazing and just a pure joy to drive! I would have the upmost confidence in using Border Reivers again, and I am dreaming of when that will next be.”

Warmest regards
Nick Jon Murdoch (Inverness)


Well, dreams do come true & Mr Murdoch returns to collect his 2nd Porsche from Border Reivers.


Mr Murdochs beautiful Porsche 993 (above)

“I am glad to be able to say this is my second purchase from Tom and his team at Border Reivers, and in my opinion I could not have found a better car anywhere else. I will be keeping my 993 for a long time as it is simply stunning in every way and a true credit to Border Reivers. It’s amazing that they can find cars in this condition and offer such a fantastic service.”

Kindest Regards



Steve’s Porsche 911-964 (above)

Buying a classic Porsche is all about trust. The reason I have asked Tom to quote me on his web site, is that I would like anyone thinking of buying one of these superb machines to know that with Border Reivers you have a company you can trust 100%.
I purchased my beautiful 964 on the strength of Tom’s word that the car was top quality mechanically and cosmetically. To be honest, Tom undersold it – the car is investment quality and totally as described.
I live in Cork and the delivery was handled with professionalism and care (covered transporter).

Anyone thinking of buying a Border Reivers car is welcome to call me or to come look at the car

Kind regards Steve (Cork, Ireland)

Another happy client Mrs Stalker with her beautiful Porsche 911 Cabriolet (above) IMG_3744 IMG_3688

Mr Pliessnig of Austria MG BGT (above) sold to Austria

Hello Tom
In my first mail I’ve written to you, that I must be totally crazy, if I buy a car I ‘ve never seen .
Now, I’ve done it.
I trusted you and that was right!

It is really a very beautiful car .
It is exactly as described by you.
You said: “…take a look at the pictures, they say more than I could”
More was not necessary indeed.

For all fans of Classic cars and Sports cars :
Buy your car at Border Reivers!

Thank you Tom and maybe I should visit Loch Lomond…
…now, after I’ve bought a car from there

Best regards from Austria to Scotland and all the best for you and your team!

Ferdinand Pliessnig

p.s. thank you for the Scotch Whisky

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 22.34.25

PC Pearson’s Triumph TR6 (above)

I was always going to buy myself a classic British sports car when I retired from the Force, the question was which one. I decided on the Triumph TR6 because it was pretty much a middle of the road, reasonably exclusive and desirable car but not so much that you would not want to drive it on modern roads. Good parts and club back up meant the selected car would spend more time on the road than in the garage.

Having selected the type of car the task was find a good example at a reasonable price. To this end I had decide that there was NO way I would buy from a dealer and began to trawl the country looking for ‘the one’ from a private seller and ‘enthusiast’.
Whilst I did see several nice cars none of them grabbed me completely, there was always a nagging doubt that the car wasn’t quite as good as I wanted, or the price was not quite right, or god forbid – I didn’t gel with the present keeper!
To this end one Saturday in July 2014 I found myself travelling 250 miles to sunny Glasgow to look at one example which unfortunately slipped into the above category. Luckily I recalled an advert I had seen for a white TR6 literally before leaving the house which was also in Glasgow and even though it was a dreaded dealer, so as not to have a completely wasted journey, I gave the guy a ring!
Isn’t it great how some times fate throws you a prize, and also a lesson never to prejudge or have preconceptions.
The ‘Dealer’ was of course Border Reivers. Unknown to me at this point the company was closed but after phoning Tom and explaining my situation he agreed to open up his premises so that we could come and view the car. (already earned himself some brownie points!)
A short while later we were met by Tom, who gave us a warm and enthusiastic welcome and gave us a tour of his premises as well as the car that we had come to look at. Tom gave me an ‘enthusiastic’ demonstration of the car and I tootled back. At his insistence my wife then drove whilst I rode shotgun which was unexpected and appreciated… more brownie points!

The car was everything I was looking for… not least because my wife instantly fell in love with it. (A fact I desperately tried to conceal from Tom!) And arrangements were made to contact Sean, the person in charge of actually unloading your wallet, at the start of the next week.
I stand by my statement at the start of this article that I will not buy from dealers, but here’s the rub:- Tom and Sean are not dealers; they are true enthusiast and friends with a shared passion for classic cars. Tom is the temporary guardian of a selection of some truly superb cars waiting for their next home, the owners of which will be vetted before he parts company with them.
From our first meeting I felt relaxed and welcomed. Between viewing the car and picking it up I researched the company and Tom, what I found made me feel more like I was becoming part of something and less like I was taking a car away.
I cant remember the last time I bought something from any one who looked after me and my wife so well and made us feel truly at ease and comfortable with parting with money for what is essentially a luxury item.
My only regret is that in all probability I will not be buying another classic car and as such I will have no reason to deal with Sean and Tom again, though I have no reservation in recommending them to anyone. That said I have promised a selection of photos of the TR6 from around Europe as we tour over the next few years.
You will have seen their phrase ‘We only buy cars, we would love to own’, I believe it, you should too.

P.C. Neil Pearson (Yorkshire)

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.35.56

Mr Cornwall on his way home Porsche 911SC (above)

After a stress free flight from Norwich to Glasgow and nearly three years of scouring adds we had finally found a Porsche that looked right at Border Reivers on the banks of Loch Lomond.  This company run by Tom Fitzsimmons who specialises in  Classic Porsches and much more.

Tom collected us from the airport and dropped us off at our hotel, where we were staying for a few days in the most beautiful of settings.

That evening Tom took us to the showroom and we were in awe of his wonderful selection of cars, we saw the 1982 Guards Red 911 SC, how could you miss it.  It was everything we had hoped for and more. After taking it out for a breath taking spin with Tom at the wheel we both had a go and it felt superb.  I truly could have cried.

Our plan was to drive the car back to Norfolk after we had done the deal and this we did.  This was our first time driving a classic Porsche and it performed up to expectations and beyond, solid as a rock and what a head turner.

If you are looking for classic car make sure you check out Border Reivers, you will not be disappointed.

Dave Cornwall and Mike Adams.


The Broadbents Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 (below)

Thank you for your advice and making the whole experience of buying our first classic car so easy and enjoyable. I appreciated your trust and willingness to keep to our time schedule and hold the car for us. I will certainly be happy to recommend you to any enthusiast who desires a really well restored car backed up by straight forward business ethics.

A pleasure to do business with you Tom, and situation allowing, hope to be in touch for another toy for myself in the future!

All the best 


Tonys BMW (above)

Hello Tom,

Just a few words regarding the purchase of my BMW M3 E93 it was purchased from you on the understanding that some work would have to be undertaken, what a car it has turned out to be, it is almost perfect.

The work carried out is as follows:

A full set of tyres really not needed but it is more like piece of mind for a car of this performance.

New rear discs and pads just again piece of mind on this car front discs only need a clean up.

The wheels were reconditioned due to one of the lads taking out the wheel centres and pulling off some of the clear coat.

All fluids renewed, again piece of mind with this type of car, New coolant, Engine oil with a filter, Pollen filters, Air filter, Gearbox oil, and Rear axle oil.

The bonnet did have two stone chip (which you made me aware of) and has been repainted, we also found two small carpark dings on the drivers door these have also been sorted without painting, the car looks near perfect and I am very pleased indeed.

This car thanks to you selling me this BMW, must be now one of the best in the UK, it is just perfect for me Border Reivers should be as pleased as I am with the final out come of this great little car.

Tom thanks so much for your time and honesty during my negotiations with you, we are so looking forward to the summer to enjoy this fun little car we are planing a trip one weekend and be sure that we will call and see you again, hopefully purchase a Porsche as a daily car, I will be pleased to be guided by yourself.


Tony Arnold
Managing Director
Steel Consultancy Services

  • Tony is a returning customer, having purchased a classic car previously

Mr Ball’s (Healey above)

Hi Tom, we drove back the scenic route via Glenshee and Braemar to Aberdeen. Fantastic Scenery in a fantastic car. I am delighted with it. Thanks for the servicing and detailing & for the time you took with us yesterday.

Cheers Tony

This is Tony’s story

Yesterday I drove my newly acquired Healey 3000 home and finally completed a long loop of desire that began when I was 9 years old.
This is a note of thanks to several members of the Healey community who have helped me to achieve the “one day I’ll have one” resolve that began with my Dad bringing home a copy of Motor Sport in which there were pictures of gorgeous Le Mans cars. I fell in love with these low, sleek, open, two seaters at that point and on my next birthday my Scalextric track arrived. My favourite car in the set was a Healey 3000.
I am sure this will be a familiar story to many of you.
I have harboured a desire for the cars ever since then and became more determined to have one after joining the AHC at the Classic Car show in Birmingham last November.
Jim Finch was immediately very helpful and spent an hour with me at the show explaining the qualities and idiosyncrasies of the various models. He later took a closer look at a Mk1 for me at Rawles Motorsport. That car, the price and me were not well matched.  However, I began to look further afield.
After weeks of internet gazing and research into shipment and importation I came within a few hours of buying a tri-carb from a dealer in Los Angeles. Jim Palmer had put me in touch with the AHC USA wing and Mike Scroggie of the Southern California chapter was helpful in introducing me to Russ Thompson who agreed to look over the car on my behalf. Unfortunately the car was sold just before Russ was due to inspect it. Looking back on this though – the sale of this beautiful, very attractively priced car at that point was quite a coincidence and for all I know it could have been an inside job!
Russ gave me a lot of information on the cars and another Los Angeles car came up shortly afterward but was rejected following his advice.
More weeks of searching led to Border Reivers on the banks of Loch Lomond – somewhat closer to home – where a lovely black car was beckoning to me from the screen. Thanks here to Jim Palmer who had earlier given my contact details to AHC members in Scotland – one of whom was Donald Gordon who called me to say hello and welcome. Again as a relative newcomer to these cars I felt the need of an expert eye. Donald agreed to help out and accompanied me on the inspection & test drive.
Border Reivers is run by Tom Fitzsimmons who now specialises in Porsche but he retains an affinity with Healeys and he seems to have them in his bones having restored and rallied them in an earlier life.

(Tom racing below)

The other loop that was completed as I bought the car was to bring it back into the club. With the help of Donald’s sleuthing I have learned that my car; VAS 842; a black MkIIa, was previously owned by David Birkinshaw. David was a member of the UK Northern Centre and he sadly passed away early in 2016. He clearly loved the car and the Healey community and he was highly respected by it as I have seen from the obituary to him in the April 2016 Rev counter and in a video interview with him at Knock Hill during the 2013 Healey meet. I am delighted with the car and I am very pleased to know that it was improved and enjoyed so fully by David.

I have heard several people say that the cars are conversation starters and I can attest to this as one such conversation began on the test drive – with a police officer!
I drove the car out and Donald drove it back to Tom’s showroom, coming to a stop in the road after overshooting the entrance. A police car followed us closely to the next turning point where we stopped in a large car park waiting for the lawman move on. He circled us twice and then parked immediately in front of the Healey – blocking our exit. The guy got out looking stern. We began to wonder about speed limits, seat belts, brake lights, things falling off the car and other misdemeanours but then he beamed at us and said “what a wonderful car” – starting one of those conversations!

I drove the car back home yesterday from Loch Lomond across some glorious Scottish countryside to Aberdeen accompanied by the glorious straight six soundtrack. The car was very impressive on this first trip and it has been set up very well by its recent owners and by Tom.

This note is mostly to say a big thank you to all of you (particularly Donald) who have helped me to get to this point and fulfil a lifelong desire. My knowledge of the cars and my confidence in buying one shot up after joining the AHC. The community is very informative, friendly and helpful and I am very pleased to be a part of it.

Best Regards to all,

Tony Ball (Full article from Rev Counter above)

Mr Howies Opal Manta (above)

“ Having spent some time looking for my ideal classic car I found an absolutely immaculate Opel Manta 1.8s Berlinetta listed on Border Reivers web pages. A quick e-mail and a viewing / test drive were promptly arranged.

Tom met me at his impressive show room, the car was beautifully presented and I was left to look round it while Tom answered any questions I put to him . No pressure and I was also welcome to look at the other classics in stock……all very desirable!

A test drive was completed and collection date agreed despite Tom heading off on a family holiday.

Transport to collect the car was a little difficult for me but solved when Tom kindly collected me by boat and also laid on a Porsche as transport to the bank to make payment. A very smooth, pleasant, stress free transaction and a car that exceeded expectations and has performed faultlessly.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Border Reivers to anyone looking for that immaculate set of unusual wheels”

Alec Howie

1 year later

Hello Tom,

Hope all is going well at Border Reivers, I still check your stock regularly!. Just to say that it is almost 12 months since we met and I purchased the Manta Berlinetta. The car is running perfectly, covered 953 miles in the past 12 months and just passed it MOT with no advisories. The only comment from the tester was “An immaculate vehicle”. Despite being known in Argyll the car still attracts a lot of interest from people who remember the main Opel Dealership which was 10 miles along the road from my house.

The only change I have made to the car was fitting a passenger side door mirror to aid reversing on single track roads, it is an Opel one and exact match for the drivers side so not out of place. The noisy heater fan settled but I have an adapted VW polo unit which is a direct swap should it get noisy again.

We have attended a couple of classic car gatherings with more in the pipeline over the coming year.

Once again thanks for your assistance over the past 12 months.

Kind regards,

Alec Howie

IMG_7849Mr McCallums 3rd Restoration by Border Reivers. This early door pull handle MGB Roadster (above)

Just to thank you guys once more for another superb job. Excellent craftsmanship, within budget & on time,not much more I can say. Highly recommended.

Testimonials IMG_4507

Mr McCluskey’s Mercedes (above)

Dear Tom

I have just returned from Scotland after a very prolonged 5 day, 350 odd mile test drive in the Mercedes SL 350 and I can only say WOW. The car is a delight , both to drive and to look at. Although it shows 80 K + on the clock it drives like a new car.

The condition, inside and out is second to none and I look forward to many happy motoring miles and years to come.

Thank you for making the whole process of the trade seamless. I have no hesitation in recommending Border Reivers to anyone looking for a car, be it a classic or more recent like the SL. Indeed I already did that very thing to a friend I met on the return ferry home.

Kindest regards

Jonathan McCluskey (Belfast)


Mr Jacksons Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (above)

I would just like to thank the chaps at Border Reivers for the safe delivery of my beautiful car. I am delighted to add this testimonial to their page. If you are thinking of buying a Classic car, you must visit the Aladdin’s cave on the banks of Loch Lomond. The quality of the Border Reivers cars are outstanding and really have to be seen to be believed.

Peter Jackson (chief executive of Travelex)

We really appreciate when a client takes the time & trouble to thank us especially when he takes delivery of a car he’s never seen in person. It was purchased from the images on our website, my verbal description & of course our hard earned reputation.

This is becoming more the norm, especially this year however it never surprises us & we never take anything for granted.

This bottle & cool card came by post, I thought it was more car parts & left it at the door for a few days until I opened it today to reveal the lovely gift.

A big thanks to Mike & Tracey

Mike with his Healey (above)

mini cover

Mr Price’s Mini Cooper S (above)

Having both purchased and sold a car through Border Reivers, I am hugely impressed with the quality of product and service offered by this excellent Scottish Company. A powerful and effective blend of passion for wonderful classic vehicles, an eye for excellence, detailing , high quality and professionalism rarely matched elsewhere. Top class is my testimonial.
Thank you Tom, Richard

Mr Robinsons Austin Healey (above)

Austin Healey Supercharged Sprite MK1 Frogeye – Bugeye for restoration
Mr Robinson
“I recently visited Border Reivers to view and subsequently buy a Frogeye Sprite and would like to thank Tom and Sean for their exceptional customer service and hospitality.Nothing was too much trouble – including meeting me at Glasgow airport! At no time was I under any pressure to buy and I was treated with the utmost professionalism and friendliness throughout. The transportation of the Frogeye from Border Reivers to South Wales was again, not a problem, and the gentlemen who delivered the car were tremendous, keeping me posted throughout!
An excellent service from start to finish. Highly recommended! Rod Robinson (Wales)


                                                CARS SOLD FOR CLIENTS

Mr & Mrs Proops (Land Rover Defender 60th above)

When we first considered selling our under used collector 2009 Defender 90 SVX with 10,000 miles on the odometer used at our home in Stirling, our next door neighbours suggested Border Reivers owing to their very pleasant, successful experience with them in procuring the car they desired.
After seeing our Defender, Border Reivers stated a price they thought the vehicle would bring after professional detailing (done at their expense) and we turned our ‘British pride’ over to them to sell.
Several weeks later, Border Reivers notified us that the agreed upon funds were wired into our bank account as the Defender has been sold at our agreed-to price.
Such a courteous, worry-free, professional and efficient transaction by Border Reivers should make all Scots proud and, gives us great confidence in recommending Border Reivers to others.
Thank you so very much.
Rodney & Candace Propps,
South Carolina, USA


Mr Shields MGB GT 

Tom at Border Reivers, brokered the sale of my MG in a very professional manner. Rescuing me from all the usual stress which can occur while selling cars for yourself. He took care of all enquiries and viewings, keeping me well informed throughout.

I was very impressed by the manner in which he conducted his business from the covered transporter collection to the quick sale of my car, all of which was very much appreciated.I won’t have to think twice about contacting him in the future.

Terry Shields  (Fife, Scotland)



Big thanks from Mr Harvey for selling his Austin Healey 100/6 (for restoration)




Classic Porsche magazine 7 page feature June 2022

Classic Porsche magazine 7 page feature April 2022

Classic Porsche magazine 7 page feature March 2022

November 2019 feature in 911 & Porsche World (below)

 July 2019 5 page feature in Classic Porsche magazine

Another nice 7 page feature in Classic Porsche March/April 2019

Click link to read article (below)

border outlawKSv7ch_PW MASTER

Another nice feature on Border Reivers from 911 & Porsche World (June 2017)

Classic Ford feature on our Colin McRae/Robert Reid winning escort

Tony Balls story in the Austin Healey Club magazine after purchasing a car from Border Reivers (below)

And from 30 years previous a very young Tom on the cover of Rev Counter mopping up at the Concours .

And from The Edinburgh Watch Company  (below)

Today I would like to introduce you to a good friend and ambassador of EWC. Tom Fitzsimmons (FIMI) is the owner of Border Reivers, a company Tom established following an extensive career in the motor trade and fulfilling his passion for sports cars.
Located on the shores of Loch Lomond this is the home of an outstanding collection of classic sports and race cars each hand picked by Tom based on their condition, history, investment potential and provenance.
As a small business owner myself I was very interested to learn more about Tom’s business and I was kindly invited to spend an afternoon surrounded by millions of pounds worth of dream cars, some of which I remember having as posters on my wall as a child. While Tom has a broad range of cars it is the famous Porsche brand that lies in his heart. Having being factory trained by Porsche and spent many years running their official bodyshop Tom really knows what to look for and how to restore classic cars to their former glory.
By listening to many stories Tom told me about his cars and customers it became clear that we both share a passion for excellence and building valued long term relationships with our customers.
You will see from the Border Reivers website that there are a whole range of facilities on offer which include buying, selling, restoration and finance. If you love your cars I would encourage you to take a good look at the website as there are some great photographs, testimonials, an opportunity to get behind the company and you may even spot a few striking EWC watches kindly promoted via Tom’s weekly newsletter.
Like myself Tom really enjoys that 1:1 relationship with his customers in order to really understand how he can best assist their requirements, so if you are thinking of an acquiring a classic sports car and have an empty space in your garage awaiting something special Border Reivers is well worth a visit.

Jonathan Gilbert (The Edinburgh watch company)

img232 More images July 6th 2011 news page

8 page feature in Performance Car (below)

Ex-Works Austin Healey 3000 mentioned in John Baggotts book during our ownership. (below)

With Stirling Moss 

Purchased from Victor Gauntlett (owner of Aston Martin) by Tom & sold to Lady Harris.

The Sun newspaper,December 1995 (below) Tom with 67 ARX (below)

Border Reivers Loan out or WW2 Jeep (below)

courier-1 courier-2 captain-in-jeep-salutes



This is to state that when I visited the premises of Border Reivers,I was really impressed by the knowledge of Tom Fitzsimmons when it comes to Porsche.The standard to which the cars are presented is meticulous.I have been communicating with them over many years as their offerings of Porsche have seemed mouthwatering, but one never knows by conversation alone the extent of enthusiasm and detail knowledge that Tom has put into the business, so it was a real pleasure to be there for real. I have been connected with the Marque Porsche ever since the early 60s and have driven them internationally and for Porsche themselves over many years. I have been buying, selling and racing Porsche for 48 years and it is a real pleasure to see such enthusiasm translated into such a passionate business always seeking perfection in the product.UnknownQuick Nick with his trade mark front wheel in the air

Nick Faure.7 times Le-Mans entrant racing for Porsche.BRDC Member