Number plate for sale DOY 1 (DOYLE)

September 27, 2016
Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.14.10

Glen Shira hill climb

September 26, 2016

A great day organised by Bill Telford


Good to see some ex-Border Reivers cars enjoying the event (David Bell’s Healey 3000) above


Porsche pic of the week

September 24, 2016
summer speedster

My Daughter,who’s grown up around some cool cars. Cant see her accepting a little Mini on her 17th Birthday .

summer opc 356B:summer 2SUMMER IN RS

Watch of the week

September 23, 2016

“Christmas is coming!….with less than 100 days to Christmas your thoughts may be turning towards “what” and “when” you are going to choose a special Christmas gift or perhaps put a hint in to your loved one for what you might like… perhaps a new watch or something sporty from the Border Reivers collection!

So this week we share some snaps from the current Rolex collection at Edinburgh Watch Company that I am sure would be very gratefully received on Christmas day.
Each of their beautiful timepieces are from the prestigious Rolex brand and have been hand picked based on their looks and value. Unlike a piece of jewellery each of these Swiss watches are designed for everyday wear whether it be at the dinner table, bath time with the kids or on the ski slopes.
There are of course many luxury watch brands to choose from and EWC has others too but as brand for many many years it is Rolex that is the the aspirational one. If you are thinking long term then the Rolex brand is one of the best investments for future value too.
In today’s world there’s a trend for ladies to wear larger watches so EWC has expanded their range to include some traditional mens watches which we think look pretty cool on ladies wrists.
EWC will have more watches arriving in the lead up to Christmas so if there is not quite the right watch in stock Jonathan will be pleased to try and source your special watch….but don’t leave it too late!”






Car show

September 23, 2016

Watch of the week. Rolex GMT Master 11

September 18, 2016
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From Jonathan at The Edinburgh Watch Company.

” From the world of Rolex this week we share what has been one of the best selling sports watch since its launch in 2014 at the Basel watch fair. This model is known as the GMT Master 11 BLNR and affectionately referred to as the “Batman” or” Bruiser”
As a popular model in the sports range the GMT Master was originally designed by Rolex as a tool watch for pilots so that they could easily recognise whether they were flying in an am or pm zone. The bezel on earlier models had two colours, red/blue known as the Pepsi or red/black.. The Coke! These classic watches are now rapidly appreciating with prices achieving in excess of £6000 for a watch that in 2006 cost around £3000.
The watch we feature here is the latest version and in its blue/black configuration is a very hot and desirable watch with a typical wait list of a year! The old aluminium bezel has been replaced with a ceramic bezel along with a number of enhancements including a more substantial bracelet, wider case lugs and increased lume on the dial for improved night time reading. As a result for those not wanting to wait nearly new examples like this August 2016 watch are available on the pre-owned market place. This model along with the new Daytona Ceramic is like a watch equivalent of a GT3 or 458!”

You can reach Jonathan directly on 07765 896 896 or via his website

Porsche pic of the week

September 18, 2016

Porsche 550

New Stock Mercedes SEB Cabriolet RHD

September 18, 2016

Mercedes Cabriolet in perfect condition. 1 previous owner Mr Len Edwards of Len Edwards Ltd hence the registration number (LEL 11) which has been on the car from new.

Sold within 1hr of listing

September 14, 2016

Austin Healey 1006 sold within an hour of listing.

New Stock Aston Martin V8 Vantage

September 14, 2016

The very mention of Aston Martin & everybody wants to be James Bond.  1 owner from new, 15000 miles just perfect.

P1030712 P1030688

Porsche pic of the week

September 13, 2016

Porsche 356 Speedster

Austin Healey for Restoration

September 13, 2016

We brought you news of our Austin Healey 100-6 barn find a week or so ago. The owner has decided after 30 years of ownership its time to sell. If anyone is interested contact Border Reivers. The owners is looking for around £15k. Its an original Right hand drive car with the original buff log book and a factory hard top. It’s a sound restoration project and seems to be 100% complete .

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.35.38 Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.50.49unnamed-1

An interesting article from Evo magazine.

September 13, 2016
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Watch of the week. The Breitling Bentley

September 12, 2016

Quality cars & watches seem to go together. We would like to introduce you to a friend of ours, Jonathan Gilbert.

Jonathan owns The Edinburgh Watch Company. Jonathan specialises in luxury pre owned and unworn watches from famous Swiss brand such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling and Omega.
Each week we will be featuring a watch hand picked from his collection for your interest. You can reach Jonathan directly on 07765 896 896 or via his website
We start off by sharing a limited edition of 500 watches from Breitling. Part of the Breitling for Bentley range this is finished in 18ct rose gold with a striking chocolate brown dial with matching alligator leather strap.
Retail in 2011 was circa £16000. This immaculate example is being offered at £9495 with a 12 month warranty.

New Stock. Porsche 911 Supersport 44k miles from new. FMDSH

September 8, 2016

Now in stock. This remarkable matching numbers Porsche 911 Supersport. One of only 269 right hand drives ever produced with only 44K miles from new and a main dealer service history to back it up.

This weeks Barn find by Border Reivers

September 7, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.35.38This original right hand drive Austin Healey 100/6 had the exterior trim removed as the owner was intending to repaint the car 30 years ago but life got in the way !!! Amazingly everything is still there and the car cranks over. Looks like a straight forward restoration with a rare original hard top and steel wheels. Sitting beside a coupe of Classics, the David Brown tractor &  Land Rover out front. Just go’s to show these cars are still being uncovered (Central Scotland). A sale maybe possible.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.50.49

I met up with an old (young) friend…. have a look at his amazing design work

September 5, 2016
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We have exclusive pictures of the Porsche 9 inspired by some of the greatest racing Porsches of all time from the 908 through to the 917 and almighty 962. Is this Hypercar a successor to the 919 or is it for sale? Sadly the answer is no, the Porsche 9 is an entry into the 2017 Michelin Design Challenge, this year’s competition is about designing a Le Mans car for 2030. Designer Jeremy Rice created this vehicle from scratch and got it realistically rendered by Hervina Dyah. It packs a range of new technology including moving video displays on the sides showing off a range of liveries at night. It was a 9 month project in which Jeremy spoke to racing drivers, designers, played Le Mans video games, read books, watched hours of old races, drew 100s of sketches and built a computer model comprising 3000 components in an effort to succeed. It has been submitted for judging and we will update you on progress in October. Finalists build a physical model of their vehicles to exhibit at the Detroit  Motorshow and Le Mans next year.


You meet people through life & its human nature to make a judgement call (right or wrongly) I think it’s an ancient survival instinct . I have met Jeremy Rice on several occasions, all usually car related & always thought he was a pleasant switched on young chap however when he came on our stand at the Ignition festival of Motoring, He blew me away with his competition design entry. It’s not just fancy drawings & computer images, Jeremy has the logic behind every image & how it operates. We wish him well with his entry. If you’re looking for a young smart, intelligent dude to work in your company, get this guy signed up. It’s so refreshing to meet people like Jeremy (all positive)

Tom Fitzsimmons

Here’s Jeremy’s story

Dear Tommy

Good to see you at Ignition as promised I am sending you images of the Porsche 9 my entry into The Michelin Design Challenge which required a Le Mans Car for 2030. It has video displays down the sides of the car giving it some exotic moving liveries, hyper reflective glass bead paint, it has the ability to seat 2 but in race trim everything is moved centrally, an all seeing camera system, filters that increase oxygen content in the combustion process, 12  small jet turbines which produce electricity to send to the electric motors on each wheel. The central teardrop is designed to minimise air resistance and has an unusual wraparound forward opening cockpit glass.

The car is a tribute to the Le Mans greats the central air scoop and driving position are pure McLaren F1, the wheels are Ferrari style, the red interior, the key and lurid graphics, functional airduct wheelarch slashes (the red 917) even the rear deck treatment are all Porsche 917, the central teardrop roof is Porsche 956/962 probably my favourite hypercar and the most successful Le Mans car and Endurance Racer ever. those lights are airducts ringed with laser lighting are reminiscent of a 908. The rear lights are a mixture of a group C cars and a that iconic strip light seen on the early 911s and the 959/961. It has all these elements with my own twist on it, everything had to blend smoothly into a coherent design with repeating themes like the Ferrari star and the Porsche oblong I created. Small details like the rear wing endplates and that seat took weeks to get right. The funny thing about a Porsche Endurance racer is they seldom look like a 911 they are distinctly Porsche but distinctly different from every other Porsche, function is the priority. I could argue the pointy nose comes from the badge shape but the fact they work together is purely coincidental.

Why the Porsche 9? Well it is Porsche distilled and I felt 9 was like calling a Ferrari Enzo or the McLaren F1 its all about origin and this car may or may not be a Porsche but I have mixed together interesting details to help achieve that. If you were to simply read about this car without seeing it you would think “Frankenstein” so take a look.

The story of the Porsche 9 started with an email from Michelin. I have entered a few competitions but this is a car I have been researching and sketching for years, for the most iconic race of them all Le Mans, a chance to emulate the mighty Porsches; 917 and 956/962 the McLaren F1 and other greats. November 2015 my research began; racing a virtual version of the track, ordering a box set of Le Mans DVDs, examining every dimension of my extensive collection of scale model race cars, it was all I could think about, I even went to the London Classic Car Show to meet Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens, I even got some useful insights from two racing drivers at Porsche about their expectations “Speed, comfort and reliability” I built all my thinking around this.

The deadline was May 1st and I would have delivered something but the deadline moved to August 1st which helped me deliver so much more, a detailed computer model with over 3000 components and time to get it rendered professionally by Hervina Dyah. A complex 9 month project trying to capture Le Mans History, Aerodynamics, new Technology and Porsche Heritage in one pure form. The overall design with a few minor detail changes actually complies with the official rules for Le Mans.  The low nose and teardrop roof is from the 962, the front lamps 908 style the central Driving position and air scoop is McLaren F1, the wheelarch slashes are airducts inspired by the Iconic Red 917 as is the interior and the rear deck treatment, the rear tail lamp is part Group C part 959 the wheels are Ferrari style all with a new twist. Sounds like it could be a hideous who ate all the Porsches kind of design but there is just a hint of all these things with something new. The livery has video displays allowing the Graphics to change, I created lurid bright new graphics inspired by the Psychedelic 917s.

It was a massive challenge and just finishing it was a result in itself. Is it a Porsche? Well I hope so I also gave it the name 9 because it’s a distillation of decades of Porsche history and 9 is an iconic number associated with so many of their greatest cars. If it gets through to the next round a model will be built for exhibition in Detroit and at Le Mans 2017, we will find out in early October.

If you want some numbers modern Le Mans cars can cost over £9 million plus to build it would be powered by a gas turbine electric hybrid delivering over 1000BHP and over 250MPH and due to it’s electric motors acceleration would be extreme. It is truly a “design for the win” the strapline for Michelin’s Design Challenge.

Thank you for your time,regards Jeremy

P.S. It would be a dream to see this car go further but the competition is very fierce indeed I did my best and produced something to be a real contender.



New Stock, Classic Mini

September 1, 2016
P1030954 P1030995 P1040009

It’s like a Carlsberg add……Border Reivers don’t do Minis but if we did, well……………




angle2EINE REISE NACH SCHOTTLANDPorsche 356 A Bj. 1959 - sehr guter Zustand, für Rennen aufgebaut!Anzeige gefunden, sofort in das Auto verliebt - Anbieter Border Reivers?? Wo- Schottland?? Also, einen Flug gebucht nach Edinburgh und kurzer Hand auf die Insel geflogen.Ganz idyllisch ein Stück hinter Glasgow an einem See gelegen hat sich die Firma "Border Reivers" versteckt und auf hochwertige Autos spezialisiert.Der Inhaber - Tom Fitzsimmons ist mehr als freundlich uns hilfsbereit und versucht seinen Kunden fast jeden Wunsch von den Augen abzulesen, hat uns spät nachts noch zum Essen ausgeführt und kurz vor Mitternacht nach zurück nach Glasgow gefahren. Wir konnten in einer blitzsauberen Halle das Objekt der Begierde in aller Ruhe inspizieren (und alle anderen Auto's auch noch) und durften danach eine Probefahrt durch die Highlands absolvieren.Sämtliche Sonderwünsche und Umbauten wurden durch Border Reivers noch erledigt und gegen Entgelt wurde der Wagen noch bis vor die Haustüre in Deutschland geliefert. Ein wirklich perfekter und freundlicher Service der nicht selbstverständlich ist.Many thanks Tom, it was great to make business with you!Thomas Eder aus Bayern Thomas Eder Racing his Porsche at the Nurburgring(Translated below)A TRIP TO SCOTLAND to veiw a 1959 Porsche 356A - Very good condition, built for racing!  As per the add, I fell in love with the car which was offered by Border Reivers, So a flight booked flown to  Scotland. Quite a bit away from idyllic Glasgow situated on a lake,is where the company "Border Reivers" hides and specializes in high quality cars. The owner - Tom Fitzsimmons is more than friendly to us and very helpful. Caters to his customers every whim. He gave us late night run to Glasgow for a meat, shortly before midnight after back after it. We were in a spotless showroom, full of the objects of desire. He gave us peace to inspect and allowed us to undergo a test drive through the highlands afterwards. We agreed the purchase and some special requests and modifications to be carried out which were done by Border Reivers. We paid for the car and it was delivered to our doorstep in Munich, Germany in a covered transporter. A truly perfect and friendly service which is not self-evident. Many thanks Tom, it was great to do business with you!ThomasEder aus BayernThomas Eder Racing his Porsche at the Nurburgring 

Thomas Eder (Germany)