Westfield XTR2



In the first series of the BBC’s Top Gear,a Westfield XTR2 driven by the Stig, set a faster lap time than the reigning record holder of that series, The £1,000,000 + Pagani Zonda

Westfield XTR2  –  In lightweight spec @ 450kgs ready to Track, Sprint or Hillclimb and supplied with MSA Papers and Logbook.  Tha car was painstakingly assembled by a fully qualified engineer in Liason with the Westfield factory (stiffer chassis and suspension)  to produce the ultimate spec but in standard engine trim (190 HP) for strength and reliability. The clutch and drive chain have also been uprated as have the brakes and dampers.  It runs with a Twin element rear wing which can be trimmed accordingly to suit track/sprint and also has the option of running with two or a single seat (which greatly reduces weight again). For driver ease, the car runs a Stack Rev counter with sequential shift indicator along with digital gear display, recent new Avon ZZR Road Legal Rubber and fresh fluids.  All paperwork and invoices along with photos and setup sheets will be supplied as well as wiring diagrams.  The car has less than 3hrs total running time since built.It is also worth mentioning the car was built in 2009 . Westfield commisioned the parts for a previous customer even though they technically had stopped producing the XTR2 in 2004.   0-60 time is 3.2 seconds and it is geared for 155MPH.

Car is perfect and looks like new, quicker than an Atom & less than half the price. This car can be adjuster to road legal specification. (at additional cost)


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