Volvo PV 544 Rally

volvo:shopThis is perhaps the most campaigned Volvo PV544 in the World.This famous rally car has been built to full “Appendix K” FIA Homologation competition specification and has always featured in the “Rally Scene”.
This extremely well know car was subject to an editorial in Classic and Sportscars magazine (April 1993) When the car was owned by the most prolific family of Rally entrants,Roger and Margaret Ealand.
The car has been constantly rallied and upgraded on a regular basis and is very much still on “Winning” form.
In 1992 this car took 2nd place,just one second behind the winner on the Monte-Carlo challenge.
In 1995 the car was again entered in the Monte-Carlo and won the touring class outright.
It has also been extensively campaigned by David Brown its previous custodian.
To his credit with this car
6 Monte-Carlo Winter Challenges
4 Winter Trials
8 Classic Marathons
Tatra Rally
Rally of the Tests
4 Le-Jogs
Emerald isles Challenge
Circuit of Ireland
2000 Miles Trials and many smaller rally’s
Before Davids ownership it had also been a Rally car as we have already explained however prior to that it was a succesful Race car so it has glorious past.
These are the perfect cars for long Rally’s or Races like the Carrera Pan-American or the Monte-Carlo Rally (in fact we have just completed the 2014 Monte-Carlo Rally with it).
It can also be raced in the tin top series.Its has every thing for long range Rally’s 100ltr fuel tank,full roll cage,Branz time device,map light,modern gauges,re-wired,recent engine re-build,The list is endless as are the invoices the previous owner who has invoices for close to £200,000 Yes £200K.This is a perfect turn key Rally car.
Comes with new (Nov 2013) FIVA Papers which is valid with the owner for 10 years.RAC log book,FIA Papers etc
Motd & Taxed (Historic)


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The 2014 Glasgow start of the Monte-Carlo Rally with Paddy Hopkirk flagging us off

The Finish at Monte-Carlo
Monte 2

Paddy Hopkirk and Rosemary Smith (ex-Roots Driver)



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