Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Border Reivers are thrilled to be offering this wonderfully Cool Land Cruiser FJ40 in right hand drive.

Delivered new to Bali, Indonesia, this 1978 model year FJ40 would enjoy the kind tropical climate,where salt is put on food, not the roads.

Fully UK registered & restored to an incredibly high standard in its original colour.

This stunning 7 seater FJ had none of the usual rust associated with its British equivalents. Restored to a better than new finish all over, study the images, its as clean on the underside as the top with a full mechanical rebuild. Smooth 4.2-litre straight-six is on the button

How cool is this, ideal for city cruising or some serious puddle jumping. Totally classless. What a Colour. It comes with air conditioning & the interior is immaculate all refinished in its factory correct black leatherette.

The FJ40 was in production from 1960 to 1984, and all the way up to 2001 in Brazil. It was Toyota’s best-selling model in the United States between 1961 and 1965, an easy accomplishment since it was the only new Toyota sold in the US during those years. The F in FJ refers to the Type F engine and the J stands for Jeep, meaning the more generic WWII-borne use of that term and not the brand Jeep currently owned by Fiat Chrysler. The 40 refers to the displacement of the inline-six engine and the Land Cruiser name was conceived in 1954 by Toyota technical director Hanji Umehara who said: “I had to come up with a name for our car that would not sound less dignified than those of our competitors.

Being a 1978 its road tax exempt, mot exempt & its also exempt from the London T-charge being a historic vehicle & from 7th Sept 2020, all historic vehicles will be exempt from the ULEZ. The 24/7 zone will have the same borders as the current Congestion Charge Zone.


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