Porsche 997 Carrera S

Porsche 997 Carrera S

When Fernando Alonso’s Engineer walks through the door to purchase a car. You can bet his part exchange will be a bit special and it is, everything is just right about the car, it’s impossible to tell it from a standard 911 until it starts up….Wow then you get it. As you would expect with someone working with Mclearn/Honda detail and performance, properly set up & a dream to drive.

Lets start with the car, Stunning in Midnight blue with black interior in full leather with sports seats. Unmarked wheels . The seats show almost no wear with very light creasing to the leather (my 3 month old car has more!) So body and interior pretty perfect. This attention to detail runs to the engine compartment & luggage areas (check out the images)

What got me apart from the outstanding condition was the drive, someone obviously knows how to set a car up !!!

From the minute you fire it up ,the growl from the stainless steel exhaust grabs your attention (it should at a cost of £4123.00 20-11-15) again using the standard tailpipes you are totally unaware from the outside, then slip it into gear again it looks total standard but it has a GT3 gear linkage (£360.00 29-08-14) so it has a neat smooth short throw . Press the go pedal and it goes, thanks to a performance upgrade by Northampton motorsports  a Revo stage 1 & 2 upgrades (£868.92 17-12-2015) and performance air filter.It grip the road well thanks to the Michelin pilot sports performance tyres and on the road, the steering is precise thanks to the steering being set up by the Centre Gravity Ltd (£1418.86 01-06-2016) Its stops with new discs all round  (£2200.00 01-12014) new competition pads (11-03-2016). On Valentines Day when most people are out for a drink & some food he’s fitting steering rack ends? On the 23-10-2012 It had both front condensers fitted + 3 x coil packs. The performance records before and after are in the file as are the steering set ups. This car has never been tracked, its just a very anal engineer with OCD who likes everything perfect. Supplied new to Malcolm Wilson.

Factory options : –

Metallic paint £462.13

Full Leather £1571.06

Sat Nav £1072.34

PCM telephone Module £445.11

Rear wiper £194.89

Sports Seats £218.72

Top tint Screen £57.87

Full set Carpet mats £180.98

Tracker £424.68

The car has a large A4 folder with all the old mot and service invoices. It comes with the original document wallet with all its hand books, original tools, 3 keys and compressor etc

Service history

Registered 04-12-2004 Porsche Centre Wilmslow

1st Service 27-11-2006 16973 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow

2nd Service 01-12-2007 21794 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow

3rd Service 17-11-2008 27393 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow

4th Service 16-11-2010 35919 miles Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfeild

5th Service 05-01-2013 38060 miles Porsche RSJ Sport

6th Service 11-12-2014 52121 miles Porsche Centre Silverstone

This car wants for nothing and has a serious amount of money spent on it recently .

Car comes with a 6 months warranty





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