Porsche 993 C4 Cab

Border Reivers are delighted to offer this very special Porsche to the market. Its a car we know very well as it belonged to my friends wife (Susan) who purchased it in 2002 when it was the less than 5 year old. Never in the time I have spent at the factory or thereafter have I seen a Porsche 911-993 with so many factory options. It makes me think it was a press or show car.

The 09991 code means the car has an option from the Souderwunsch Program which is now know as the ‘Exclusive’ designation which can account for many of the fitted factory options, cars stayed on the standard production line however when it shows the 09981 code as this car does it is very likely the car left the main production line & was moved to the Werk 1 building for the additional one off items some of which I have never seen before, like fitted arm rests.

Not all of the factory option are listed on the under bonnet/service book labels however I’m sure the 09981 option covers the unlisted items.

Some of the option codes that are visible

C16 UK spec car

XC8 Light Rootwood shifter

X17 Light Rootwood dashboard trim

X28 Light Rootwood steering wheel with airbag in leather

X31 Light Rootwood parking brake lever

X54 Stainless steel tailpipes (oval)

X78 Front air intake with daytime driving lights

X86 Light Rootwood door trims

240 For countries with poor inferior fuel quality

408 Upgraded alloy wheels

490 Sound system upgrade

551 Wind deflector

567 Top tint windscreen

573 Air conditioning




Some of the option we assume was done under the  09981 program

RS Side skirts

RS lower front spoiler

Front white light upgrade inc side repeaters

C2S engine twin engine cover

Rear engine lid spoiler incorporating 3rd brake light

Rear red light upgrade

Electric heated mirrors

Full leather dash

Engine lid badge delete

Full electric seats

Front seat arm rests

Electric hood

Factory carpet mats

Service/Mileage/Mot history

Supplied new by AFN Porsche 30-10-1997 *Mileage Delivery

1st Service AFN Porsche 03-02-1998 *Mileage 5738

2nd Service Glen Varigill Porsche Edinburgh 29-06-1998 *Mileage 13515

3rd Service Glen Varigill Porsche Edinburgh 27-03-2000 *Mileage 19030

4th Service Merlin Porsche 04-10-2000*Mileage 30332

5th Service Merlin Porsche 03-05-2001 *Mileage 42635

Mot 28-09-2001 *Mileage 53581

6th Service Merlin Porsche 28-09-2001 *Mileage 53592

21-02-2002 Porschtech new clutch, front & rear discs * Mileage 59598

Mot 26-09-2022 *Mileage 61410

7th Service Parker & Parker Porsche 30-09-2002 *Mileage 61993

Mot 28-10-2003 *Mileage 62304

Mot 26-11-2004 *Mileage 63142

8th Service Douglas Park Porsche 03-12-2004*Mileage 63809

04-05-2005 Motortune Porsche side silencer *Mileage 64541

29-06-2005 Motortune Porsche rear shocks *Mileage 65639

9th Service Glen Varigill Porsche 09-09-2005*Mileage 68567

Mot 20-12-2005 *Mileage 71690

13-06-2006 David Phillip Porsche *Mileage 77136

27-10-2006 Kwick-Fit wheel balance *Mileage 82908

06-01-2007 David Phillips Porsche oil pipes *Mileage 83158

Mot 10-05-2007 *Mileage 83315

10th Service Glen Varigill Porsche 14-06-2007 *Mileage 84001

25-06-2007 David Phillips Porsche new clutch *Mileage 84559

Mot 07-05-2008 *Mileage 90550

10-05-2008 Kwik-Fit tyres *Mileage 90614

17-09-2008 David Phillips Porsche plug leads *Mileage 91956

11th Service Glen Varigill Porsche 16-12-2008 *Mileage 92404

28-04-2009 HQ Performance Steering geometry check *Mileage 93073

Mot 28-04-2009 *Mileage 93078

12th Service David Phillip Porsche 11-05-2010 *Mileage 96240

Mot 11-05-2010 *Mileage 96240

18-06-2010 David Phillips Porsche new shock absorbers / tyres *Mileage 97051

Mot 14-05-2011 *Mileage 101146

13th Service Porsche Centre Glasgow 14-04-2012 *Mileage 101182

Mot 24-04-2012 *Mileage 101941

14th Service Daviid Phillip Porsche 18-02-2014 *Mileage 102119

Mot 18-02-2014 *Mileage 102119

15th Service Porsche Centre Glasgow 18-02-2016 *Mileage 102209

Mot 05-09-2019 *Mileage 102433

16th Service Porsche Centre Glasgow 16-11-2020 * Mileage 102502

17th Service Porsche Centre Glasgow 12-12-2022 *Mileage 102580

Mot 15-11-2023 *Mileage 102632

16-11-2023 Ecosse Automotive new struts, control arms etc *Mileage 102632

20-05-2024 New fuel pump

This is a stunning looking car in the unusual shade of Glacier white complemented by the blue hood, as previously mentioned almost every option available has been fitted. The car is extremely tight & unbelievably still has a new feel to it which is a credit to its 3 previous owner, looking after it correctly with regular servicing. Showing all its original factory paper stickers which are located under the bonnet, in the service book & the bar code on the N/S B’post, with the hard plastic vin plate on the O/S  B’post just displays the originality of the car. The car comes with a comprehensive paperwork file in a large A4 folder, the original document folder with all its original paper work & books (hand book, Service book, assistance book, Exclusive book, the 911 idea) 2 sets of keys, tool roll etc.

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