Porsche 964 Turbo 3.3

Border Reivers are delighted to offer the rare, matching numbers Porsche 964 Turbo to the market it had just clicked on 90k miles when purchased (which is an average of 3K miles per year) however we decided to do a full engine rebuild. It has only done 300 miles on the engine since the rebuild. It was obviously serviced at the same time & new tyres fitted. If you’ve watched the price of standard 964’s over the last 10 years steadily rise you already know the 964 is a great investment. Our best priced achieved was £120k for a standard car to Hong Kong last year. The Turbo is in a different stratosphere when it comes to investment 964’s with RHD 3.8 RS’s going for over $1 million (Same wide body silhouette). This is only the 2nd Turbo we’ve had for sale in the shop, in all my time of working with Porsche’s. I’ve never had a 964 turbo in the shop for work, sure we’ve had wide bodied 964’s, loads of 930’s & 993 Turbos but no 964 Turbos, that tells me it is very rare indeed.

This car was UK supplied car (C16) Delivered bang in the middle of the Yuppie era where these cars were hot property & changing hands for profit on a daily basis.

It still retains all its Paper factory stickers, which we love to see (It would suggests, original panels & paint)

The first on the underside of the hood (which is a copy of the one in the service book) & shows the Vin numbers

The second on the B’post of the N/S (which is a bar code with the Vin numbers) a little faded however the Vin is still visible

The third not as crucial as the others but nice to see the unleaded fuel sticker on the inner flap of the fuel filler cap.

Also a nice touch the door mirror retaining screw covers & still on the car, these are almost always missing (anal I know)

This car comes with an impeccable history backing up the milage from day one.

Service/maintenance/mot Records

Supplied new on the 01-08-1991 by Evans Halshaw Porsche

1st Service 19-09-1991 Evans Halshaw Porsche 1735 miles

2nd Service 08-05-1992 Parker & Parker Porsche 7211 miles

3rd Service 11-09-1992 Heddell & Deeks Porsche 9767 miles

4th Service 15-06-1993 Lancaster Porsche 18402 miles

5th Service 25-03-1994 Lancaster Porsche 24959 miles

6th Service 25-07-1995 Merlin Porsche 30995 miles

Mot 23-10-1995 – 33359 miles

7th Service 08-01-1996 JCT 600 Porsche 35322 miles

8th Service 14-02-1997 Strasse Porsche 40365 miles

Mot 15-02-1997 – 40368 miles

Mot 16-01-1998 – 41994 miles

Mot 05-01-1999 – 45781 miles

9th Service 18-02-1999 Evans Halshaw Porsche 46604 miles

10th Service 04-11-1999 Evans Halshaw Porsche 54250 miles

Mot 11-01-2000 – 54578 miles

Mot 03-05-2001 – 62409 miles

11th Service 04-05-2001 Evans Halshaw Porsche 62463 miles

12th Service 24-04-2002 Evans Halshaw Porsche 68610 miles

13th Service 10-04-2003 Evans Halshaw Porsche 72258 miles

Mot 14-04-2003 – 72404 miles

14th Service 19-03-2005 Steve Win (Independent) 78739 miles

Mot 12-08-2005 – 78883 miles

Mot 05-09-2006 – 79188 miles

15th Service 03-11-2006 Grange Performance cars 79212 miles

Mot 04-05-2008 – 81750 miles

16th Service 04-09-2008 Fishburn (Independent) 81750 miles

Mot 10-07-2009 – 83278 miles

17th Service 10-07-2009 Fishburn (Independent) 83278 miles

Mot 02-08-2011 – 84402 miles

Mot 10-05-2012 – 84755 miles

18th Service 10-05-20012 Fishbur (Independent) 84755 miles

Mot 05-05-2013 – 85170 miles

Mot 21-06-2014 – 86118 miles

Mot 21-06-2015 – 87483 miles

Mot 19-08-2017 – 87965 miles

Mot 12-06-2019 – 88950 miles

Mot 09-08-2020 – 89678 miles

Mot 30-06-2021 – 89980 miles

19th Service 30-11-2021 Porsche Center Glasgow 90501 miles

Full engine rebuild July 2022

Mot 08-05-2023 – 90860 miles

Some Factory fitted extras inc :-

Air Con

Limited slip diff

Sport seats with electric hight adjustment

Top tinted windscreen

Electric sunroof

Included in the sale is the original document wallet with all the original documents,Service Maintenance book, drivers manual, warranty booklet etc. Tool roll/kit, original compressor, spare wheel, jack. Spare keys with Lancaster Porsche key fob from (1993). history file.

How much will this be when it comes back on the market?

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