Porsche 964 Cabriolet


Border Reivers are delighted to be offering this beautiful Porsche 911-964 Cabriolet from 1990.It is truly stunning with only 53k miles from new and includes a full service history. It comes from a good home (Lady owner).Fitted with tracker and a C1 alarm system. Private 911 number plate included.

Service details :-

Supplied new by Rivervale Porsche on the 1st of June 1990.

1st Service 21-08-1990 showing 2473 miles by Rivervale Porsche

2nd Service 23-05-1991 showing 8016 miles  by Rivervale Porsche

3rd Service 30-04-1992 showing 18575 miles by Dutton – Forshaw Porsche

4th Service 11-06-1993 showing 25484 miles by (can’t make the stamp out)

5th Service 24-10-1996 showing 30786 miles by Rivervale Porsche

6th Service 12-11-1997 showing 32912 miles by AFN Porsche

7th Service 15-12-1998 showing 35707 miles by Charles Follett Porsche

8th Service 19-02-00 showing 35924 miles by Charles Follett Porsche

9th Service 07-08-2004 showing 37990 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

10th Service 31-05-2006 showing 40298 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

11th Service 13-11-2008 showing 43405 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

12th Service 18-08-2011 showing 49203 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

13th Service 25-09-2013 showing 50125 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

14th Service 14-05-2014 showing 51918 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

15th Service 29-09-2015 showing 53204 miles by Portiacraft Porsche

Now in stock with a 12 month mot & will be sold with a 6 month warranty.Large A4 folder of history, original document wallet with all the original books. A matching numbers car. You won’t find better in condition or price.


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