Porsche 964 RS N/GT tribute


The Three Fifty Six is our favourite Porsche ever however the 964 is our favourite 911. With prices of the 964 RS now having gone ballistic, very few people will now use them as they were intended. We modified and raced them in the day when they could be purchased for around £20k, now any standard 964 coupe needing restored is now worth more than that. We decided to build our own tribute 964RS N/GT because you could only get the original in Left hand drive. We took the Porsche championship winning 964 race car known as the (Goose) stripped it to the bare metal removed around 3 tins of filler before painting it in the beautiful colour of Porsche maritime blue. rebuilt engine, fitted some genuine RS & RSR parts we had in the shop, including a set of refurbished cup wheels . This stunning looking Porsche 964 is now lighter & faster than a standard 964RS without the ridiculous price tag. We have decided to sell it & invest in another of our projects. More images of the restoration on our restoration/preservation page of our website.

We collected a bit of damage after driving over a metal bar/rod during a road test. No damage was visible however after parking it up overnight the following morning revealed oil on the shop floor.The engine casing had a hairline crack.  It would probably have taken a weld however new engine casing are still available from the factory so we fitted a new one. Stripped & rebuilt the engine, fitted a less severe clutch. Removed some of the race devices from the dash & tided it up, fitted a new steering wheel. The car is still very much tracked focused but much more road friendly.(August 2022)

Very much an ex-race car in great condition & not to0 precious to use.

The Porsche Carrera RS N/GT (history)

Only 290 N/GT cars were ever built. 3.6-litre engine, G50 manual gearbox and fully welded roll cage,  The Carrera RS ( N/GT) is one of the most driver-focused and rewarding Porsches you will ever find

In 1992, Porsche introduced the Carrera RS, a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive only version of the 964. The RS was fitted with individually selected engines of type M64/03 which had a minimum power output of 260hp and a lightweight flywheel coupled to the state-of-the-art G50/10 gearbox which featured closer ratios, an asymmetrical limited slip differential, and steel synchromesh. The car’s interior was stripped out and was devoid of luxuries such as electric windows, rear seats and air conditioning. Leather Recaro bucket front seats and lightweight carpets were fitted and the sound deadening was much reduced. The bonnet was made of aluminium, the chassis was partly seam welded, thinner glass was used in the doors and rear window, and overall the RS was 155kg lighter than the standard car.

The Carrera RS was further developed by Porsche in 1992 with the launch of the N/GT and a total of just 290 of these very special cars were put together, all in left-hand drive. These cars were further stripped-out with all the carpets removed and replaced with plywood foot-boards for the driver. A fully welded cage was fitted, and the standard RS seats were replaced with lightweight, Nomex-covered, FIA specification racing buckets. The N/GT also featured a long-range fuel tank, dual internal fire extinguishers, internal dash mounted engine cut-off, and the DME was relocated behind the driver to allow the use of six-point harnesses. Harder and more track focused, the result is a car which feels more direct and visceral than the standard RS whilst still being usable on road or track.

Since advertising the car a previous owner has contacted me & kindly filled in some of the gaps & supplied more images

I happened to spot your blue Porsche 964 for sale on your website and recognised this as a car that I once owned and raced. I therefore thought you might like to have a bit of the car’s history as far as I am aware in case the new owner is interested in its heritage.
I believe it may have been raced first of all in the Porsche Cup GB connected to Phil Hindley.
I bought the car in 2005 from Anthony Oliver (via Red Line Racing) with 65,270 miles on the clock.
I raced it in the Porsche Club Championship in 2006 and 2007. In 2006 I took 2 outright wins at Cadwell Park, the first ever wins by a 964 in the Porsche Club Championship. In 2007 I won 6 races (at Oulton Park, Snetterton, Spa, Castle Combe and Brands Hatch) in the car.
I sold the car to Rod Carman (who repainted the car in white) who subsequently sold it to Marcus Carniel. Marcus had 6 wins in the car and was runner up in the Porsche Club Championship in 2010.
I am attaching some photos of when I raced the car. If you need any more information than feel free to contact me.
regards James Neal



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