Porsche 911T 1972 RHD

Border Reivers are delighted to offer yet another rare, low mileage, matching numbers classic Porsche 911. The beauty is from 1972 with just 47k miles from new with a full mileage history & its original service documents. Only 4 owners from new, UK right hand drive car. This is easily recognised as a 72 from the external oil filler flap as it was only done for that year, The petrol/gas pump attendants filled them with petrol by mistake so Porsche quick reverted back to the internal filler within the engine compartment.The stunning looking car is the 911T  with ‘S’ upgrades which are mostly visual, this was common in the period. These upgrades include the ‘S’ front spoiler, ‘S’ wider bumper rubbers, ‘S’ stainless steel over sills, ‘S’ badges, ‘S’ seats. Offered from long term ownership. It come with its original service book, original spare keys with label, handbooks, document wallet, Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche, original spare, jack, tool kit and a large history file. There is not much more to say look at the images. How cool is this?

Mileage history 

Supplied new 15-02-1972 by AFN Ltd, Englandshire, UK

1st   Service 01-03-1972 by AFN Ltd        682 miles

2nd Service 02-08-1972 by AFN Ltd      5738 miles

3rd  Service 16-01-1973 by AFN Ltd      11279 miles

4th  Service 03-09-1973  by AFN Ltd   19228 miles

5th  Service 22-05-1974  by AFN Ltd    24193 miles

6th  Service 17-09-1975  by AFN Ltd    29985 miles

7th  Service 23-08-1976 by AFN Ltd     35190 miles

Mot history.  

09 -07-1979   39368 miles

17-09-1980     41119  miles

There is evidence of the car being laid up after in the 80’s (showing its 81 tax disc) & by the late 90’s early 00’s having  preservation works carried out (photos on file) finishing around 2005/06

20-07-2006    44238 miles

22-12-2006     44440 miles

10-01-2008     45207 miles

18-12-2008     45789  miles

17-09-2010     46118   miles

04-07-2012     46375  miles

10-07-2013      46515  miles

01-07-2014      46528 miles

10-07-2015      46984 miles

23-09-2016     47446  miles

19-04-2018     47504  miles

With a total of 4 owners from new (all address’s on file) its very easy to authenticate the mileage.

(As with any used car, we can only show you the facts provided & could never guarantee the mileage)

This car was well bought by Border Reivers hence our ability to offer it at a very competitive price.





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