Porsche 911E Sportomatic


Porsche developed a reputation early on for their surprising performance from their small displacement rear-engine sports and racing cars. These “giant killers” could outperform cars with much higher horsepower figures by making light cars with incredible handling. This combination gave Porsches their truly unique driving characteristics and solidified their dedicated following of Porsche enthusiasts.

Starting in 1964 with the original 911, Porsche has produced a line of six-cylinder rear-engine sportscars that could compete with much more powerful cars thanks to their low weight and superior handling. The 911 quickly became an icon of performance and handling and offered a driving experience unlike anything else. The 911 has continuously evolved into a more sophisticated, powerful, and capable driving machine, as well as a reliable and usable car. 

1969 ushered in the first major changes to the iconic Porsche 911. Retaining the unique and successful rear engine layout as well as the same basic styling, the majority of the changes to the 911 were internal. Dimensionally, the rear track and wheelbase grew, while the overall length stayed the same as the earlier cars. Mechanical fuel injection debuted this year as well as in top-of-the-line 911S and the new 911E. The 911E received its name from Einspritzung, the German term for injection. Slotted between the base-model 911T and the 911S, the E, which replaced the 911L “Luxus,” featured improvements including a leather wrapped steering wheel, velour carpeting, vented brake discs, and golden script on the rear deck. 


Is another delightful find. This classy 1969 Porsche 911E with a full service & mileage history from new, that’s got to be unique. This is in fact the oldest Porsche 911 we’ve had the pleasure to own (911E Sportomatic 2.0 litre from 1969)

This car comes from long term ownership, last owner purchased the car 1992 (31 years ago) and was obviously very passionate about it judging from the invoices in the folder, it seems to have wanted for nothing with a fresh engine & mechanical rebuild less than 30 mile ago at a cost of £23000.00

Sportomatic is basically Porsche 1st automatic & is a pleasure to drive in modern traffic.

The Wonderfull thing about this low ownership car is the knowledge & history file that’s been built up over the years. It comes with its original document wallet & original books which includes it drivers manual, Sportomatic hand book (which I’ve never seen before), Service book & the maintenance record book (which we would now refer to as a service book). Large A4 history folder. Showing all previous owners.Restoration Photographs.

Magazine feature on the car from Classic & Sportscar April 1992 (4 page) Says this is a rare car, right hand drive 2 litre 911 were made between 1965 & 1969 only about 300 came to Britain in those four years. About 60 are listed the PCGB register. Of these the long wheelbase 2 litre version, which this one is was only current for a year (The rear trailing arms on all 911s were lengthened by 2.75in in 1969 to reduce rear overhang & improve weight distribution) Add to that the facts that the car has the optional semi automatic four-speed Sportomatic gearbox (rare when new & even rarer today because many cars now have conventional manual boxes) and its 140bhp ‘E’ engine with Bosch mechanical fuel injection is also rarer than either the low-tune 911T or more powerful 911S & you probably have a car whose specification is unique in the UK (if not the World)

We have a beautiful early 911 in absolutely fabulous condition.The original seats are in great condition however these have been removed (Come with the car) and been replace with period bucket seats trimmed in the same material reminiscent of the ‘S’ spec seats. Mot & road tax exempt.

Full Service-Mileage history

Originally Supplied by AFN (Porsche UK) to Major Richard Fitzroy 21-04-1969 registered VHX 95G

000576 miles  12-05-1969 Service AFN Porsche

007279 miles  03-07-1969 Service AFN Porsche

015240 miles  16-11-1972   Service AFN Porsche

021788 miles  29-03-1971  Service AFN Porsche

029576 miles  02-02-1972  Service AFN Porsche

038826 miles  09-10-1972  Service AFN Porsche

042303 miles  09-07-1973  Service AFN Porsche

049692 miles  30-08-1974  Service AFN Porsche

Car Purchased by 2nd owner 07-10-74 Mr Loftus

052372 miles  10-10-1974    Service G.C.Loftus

058720 miles  25-05-1975   Service G.C.Loftus

065437 miles  06-01-1976   Service G.C.Loftus

071254 miles   10-08-1976   Service G.C.Loftus

077640 miles   17-12-1976    Service G.C.Loftus

Car Purchased by 3rd owner 13-09-1977 Mr Lund

082387 miles  01-09-1977   Services R.Gait London

083076 miles  03-10-1977   Service Hughes Motor Co

Car Purchased by 4th owner 29-09-1983 Mr Morley

Car Purchased by 5th owner 03-03-1985 Mr Gordon

Car Purchased by 6th owner 15-09-1986 Mr Oats

Car Purchased by 7th owner 01-08-1987 Mr Morris

Mot 102000 miles 21-08-1987

107179 miles  08-08-1988   Service Berlyn Services

Car Purchased by 8th owner 28-02-1988 Mr Chatwood

Mot 107286 miles 30-08-1988

Car Purchased by 9th owner 08-09-1988 Mr Gear

Mot 108420 miles 26-07-1991

108420 miles 26-07-1991  Service  Berlyn Services  (full engine rebuild during restoration) *

109150 miles 18-06-1992  Service Berlyn Services

Car purchased by the current owner 26-06-1992 Mr Gibbon

Mot 109151 miles 18-06-1992

Mot 110233 miles 23-06-1993

110233 miles 01-07-1993 Service Oak Tree Garage

Mot 111607 miles 08-06-1994

111607 miles 16-06-1994 Service Chris Turner Porsche

Mot 112798 miles 02-06-1995

112834 miles 30-06-1995 Service Chris Turner Porsche

Mot 114084 miles 05-06-1996

115075 miles 01-01-1969 Service Chris Turner Porsche

Mot 116178 miles 04-06-1997

17359 miles 30-09-1997 Service Chris Turner Porsche

Mot 122315 miles 07-06-1998

122814 miles 18-09-1998 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 126405 miles 22-07-1999

126462 miles 26-07-1999 Service AutoFarm (Gearbox rebuild) *

Mot 127508 miles 14-04-2000

127508 miles 19-04-2000 Service Leigh Porsche

128486 miles 19-01-2001 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 129096 miles 12-04-2001

Mot 133453 miles 06-04-2002

133453 miles. 08-04-2002 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 137761 miles 09-04-2003

138636 miles 17-10-2003 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 140573 miles 06-04-2004

140573 miles 07-04-2004 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 141155 miles 11-04-2005

Mot 142109 miles 06-04-2006

142109 miles 06-04-2006 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 142649 miles 14-03-2007

142649 miles 14-03-2007 Service Leigh Porsche

142692 miles 27-11-2007 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 142933 miles 14-03-2008

Mot 143713 miles 02-04-2009

143713 miles 02-04-2009 Service Leigh Porsche

Mot 143952 miles 09-04-2010

Mot 144039 miles 06-04-2011

Mot 144055 miles 02-03-2012

Mot 144094 miles 26-03-2014

144100 miles 30-04-2014 Service Braunton Engineering (2nd body restoration) * £20441.00

Mot 144147 miles 04-03-2015

Mot 144154 miles 16-03-2016

144180 miles 14-11-2016  Service Porsche Centre Exeter

Mot 144192 miles 17-11-2016

144227 miles 31-01-2017 Service Porsche Centre Exeter

Mot 144317 miles 01-11-2017

144555 miles 31-07-2021 Service Oak Tree Garage (Full mechanical & engine rebuild)  * £23000.00

Mot 144555 miles 26-08-2021

Mot 144584 miles  22-05-2023

Giving it an average annual mileage of around 2600 miles per year.







£ 94999

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 Tool roll & Jack Original windscreen decal (above)

Fresh Engine rebuild  Magazine article from Classic and Sportscar April 1992 (below)