Porsche 911 Targa

I collected this car from Porsche Glasgow. It was in for a service & mot. They brought the car around to the front door with the top down it was a glorious sunny day & as I popped the ray-bans on I just knew this was going to be an enjoyable experience, I wasn’t wrong it was fabulous, sometimes when your so busy you can forget the simple but important things like enjoying yourself !

My 1st ever Porsche was a 911SC Targa in white. My heart ruled my head & in my anxiety to own a 911. I purchased a transit van load of trouble so when I sell you a car Ive been through the pain on your behalf.

The car on offer here is a true survivor & in beautiful original conditions. let me list some of the things that are import when it comes to originality & on my must have tick list before I look at the general condition. How original is the car? lets find the labels or factory stickers. Under the bonnet is a great indicator of the cars general conditions. On the underside of the bonnet is a factory build/option code showing the vin number, this is a paper sticker it came in 2 parts, one went under the bonnet/hood the other went in your service book (these details should match) if the bonnets been replace or painted on the underside this will be missing. A factory stamped vin is on the floor behind the spare wheel well (painted over in matt black) check the number with the V5 & make sure the font hasn’t been altered, you’ll find a riveted aluminium vin plate on the o/s inner wing (again showing the vin number). The spare wheel has a date stamp showing the month & year it will be within the build year of your car. The car came with a tool roll, compressor, tyre pressure gauge, jack, plastic bag for putting your punctured rim in & disposable gloves for changing the tyre.The general condition of the rear of the front panel in front of the spare is a good indication of the rest of the cars general condition, generally grubby with surface rust & missing paint around the battery area, any damage on the back side of the panel or chassis legs would indicate accident damage. This car has its original paint under here & is immaculate, all its originals tools, compressor etc (total joy for an anorak) I start to look for other signs door mirrors have a tiny wee grommet covering a hex bolt almost always missing (both in place) which says the doors have never been apart. ‘A’post still has the yellowish factory wax/grease on the hinges & in the middles where the courtesy light switch operates there is a round grommet/cover almost always worn through (not on this car).The ‘B’ post on the N/S has a paper factory sticker its a bar code which also shows the vin number, I then lift the carpets to look at the floor & I happily see the factory paint unusual once again as badly looked after Targa’s have a tendency to Leak & when the carpets get soaked the floors rust up. Under the engine lid on the slam panel the factory foil stickers are all in place. Other hidden vin numbers are stamped inside the cockpit but for security reason I won’t disclose their location & only need checking if there is any doubt to the car identity. Finally I look at the mileage then I look at the over all condition of the interior to see if it coincides with the mileage. I look at pedal rubber wear, carpet wear to the right of the accelerator, general carpet wear, driver seat bolster & piping wear. Steering wheel wear. A well cared for Porsche of this era shouldn’t show any excess usage under 100k miles


06-06-1988 Supplied new by JCT 600 Porsche

13-06-1988 Service  JCT 600 Porsche 1118 miles

12-10-1988 Service  JCT 600 Porsche 8552 miles

15-12-1988 Service  JCT 600 Porsche 11650 miles

20-04-1989 Service JCT 600 Porsche 17220 miles

03-08-1989 Service JCT 600 Porsche 20680 miles

13-04-1989 Service JCT 600 Porsche 24561 miles

02-05-1990 Service JCT 600 Porsche 29416 miles

18-10-1990 Service JCT 600 Porsche 35528 miles

23-05-1991 Service Paragon Porsche 41617 miles

01-06-1992 Service Paragon Porsche 46926 miles

07-05-1993 Service Two + Two Porsche 52238 miles

28-01-1994 Mot 57580 miles

28-02-1994 Service Stratstone Porsche 57723 miles

10-03-1995 Service Merlin Porsche 59579 miles

06-03-1996 Service Merlin Porsche 61266 miles

26-02-1997 Service Merlin Porsche 62243 miles

26-02-1998 Service Merlin Porsche 62977 miles

20-04-1999 Service Merlin Porsche 63445 miles

10-12-1999 Mot 63641 miles

22-07-2000 Service Autotech 65376 miles

26-07-2000 Mot 65388 miles

26-07-2001 Service Autotech 68854 miles

26-07-2001 Mot 68854 miles

14-08-2002 Service Autotech 70349 miles

14-08-2002 Mot 70349 miles

03-07-2003 Service Autotech 72366 miles

03-07-2003 Mot 72366 miles

06-08-2004 Mot 73682 miles

03-09-2005 Mot 74689 miles

06-09-2005 Service Autotech 74689 miles

18-09-2006 Mot 76233 miles

16–11-2007 Mot 77132 miles

09-06-2010 Mot 77148 miles

14-11-2011 Mot 77544 miles

23-11-11 Service Rennspeed  77655 miles

22-08-2012 Mot 77869 miles

22-04-2013 Service Powells 77988 miles

23-04-2013 Mot 77991 miles

07-04-2014 Mot 79925 miles

24-04-2015 Mot 81224 miles

15-04-2016 Mot 81618 miles

10-03-2017 Service Porscha Care 84343 miles

10-03-2017 Mot 84343 miles

07-03-2018 Service Porscha Care 88091miles

07-03-2018 Mot 88091 miles

22-03-2019 Service Porscha Care 91291 miles

22-03-2019 Mot 91291 miles

12-11-2019 Service Walkers 92545 miles

11-05-2020 Mot 92572 miles

15-05-2020 Service HD Porsche 92582 miles

13-05-2021 Service Morrison Motors 93739 miles

13-05-2021 Mot 93740 miles

08-06-2022 Mot 94110 miles

03-08-2022 Service Porsche Glasgow 94220 miles

02-06-2023 Service Porsche Glasgow 94400

07-06-2023 Mot 94400 miles


Lovely history which is an added bonus it comes with a large A4 folder of historic documents, its original document wallet with all its original service/hand books all its tools, jack, compressor basically everything you would expect from a car in this original condition





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