Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Border Reivers are delighted to offer this beautiful Porsche 911 cabriolet for the 2nd time. This car is fitted with an all steel Supersport/turbo body conversion in the knock out body colour of iris blue metallic (L33P) with contrasting cream leather interior . This car just’s pops in the sunlight.

This is Porsche at its best (just look at the pictures) would you ever get fed up looking at this?

Originally supplied by Glasgow Porsche dealer Glen Henderson Motors Ltd 09-06-1986 (C – Registration)

With a list of extras which include Sport seats, electric seats, full leather interior, electric hood, metallic paint, passengers door mirror, tinted screen, over mats.

Service records from the original service book *

1st   service  21-08-1986     832 miles  Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

2nd service  22-09-1986   2240 miles  Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

3rd service  12-12-1986     6101 miles   Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

4th service  27-04-1987    11751 miles   Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

5th service  15-09-1987   18628 miles   Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

6th service  17-02-1988  23688 miles   Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

7th service  13-02-1989  32323 miles    Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

8th service  08-11-1989  38816 miles    Glen Henderson Porsche Glasgow *

9th  service 03-09-1990  44006 miles   Glenvarigill Porsche Centre Glasgow *

10th service 24-08-1991  52994 miles    Glenvarigill Porsche Centre Glasgow *

11th service 05-01-1993  68486 miles    Glenvarigill Porsche Centre Glasgow *

12th service 14-04-1994  72100 miles    Douglas Cameron Porsche Centre Perth *

13th service 03-05-1996  77093 miles    Parker & Parker Porsche Centre Cumbria *

14th service 01-02-1998   81911 miles    Autowerks Porsche Specialist *

15th service 06-06-2000 83801 miles   Autowerks Porsche Specialist *

16th service 27-06-2002 86367 miles   Five Oaks Porsche Centre Channel Islands *

17th service 14-07-2004  90606 miles  Five Oaks Porsche Centre Channel Islands *

18th service 03-03-2006 95033 miles  Five Oaks Porsche Centre Channel Islands *

19th service 21-04-2009  97693 miles  Five Oaks Porsche Centre Channel Islands *

20th service 05-10-2011 98829 miles   H.W.Motors *

21st service 14-02-2015  100030 miles H.W.Motors *

22nd service 15-09-2015 100867 miles Tower Bridge Porsche*

23rd service 16-04-2017 101563 miles Border Reivers Porsche*

24th service 14-12-2019 101701 miles Border Reivers Porsche*

Several old mots confirming mileage

In addition from the history file the records show it was also serviced by Specialist vehicle preparations 25-08-2010 (perhaps when it came back from the channel islands?) At the same time the gearbox was rebuilt , a new clutch fitted , new oil pipes & several small jobs carried out (£4244.15)

03-10-2013 Tower Porsche fitted new inner & outer sills, new jacking points, new b’posts & kidney bowls . Then carried out a full back to the metal re-paint. when doing the refit they fitted any new body seals etc (£26080.33)

new starter motor 23-06-2014 (£442.80)

new fan & pulley 14-10-2014 (642.00)

drivers window regulator 14-08-2015 (432.00)

service & new oil cooler, oil cooler pipes 15-09-2015 (£4215.02) Tower Porsche.

new master cylinder 20-11-2015 (£211.03) Tower Porsche

new alternator 03-02-2016 (£1068) Tower Porsche

New wheels & tyres 27-04-2017  (£1356)

The car comes with an original supersport spare wheel, jack, toll roll, warning triangle, original document wallet with all the hand books & service records, an A4 folder with history are all included.

This car not only looks incredible, what a beautiful service history, its seems to never had wanted for anything, being service on time rather than mileage . Sound, well serviced engine, rebuilt gearbox, new clutch, immaculate paint, no rust, full service history, restored seats, well priced ……  whats not to Love





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