Porsche 911 1972 RHD

Steve McQueen (Le-Mans) tribute

Border ~Reivers are always delighted to offer great cars & this is one great car. This car started life in Germany as a basic Porsche 911 T over the years it has been transformed into what you see today a tribute or visual replica of the Steve McQueen ( Le-Mans movie 911S). The current owner wanted a rust free car as he intended to use it in Edinburgh !

He didn’t want a back date. He wanted the drive, feel, scent of an original 70’s car .

We managed to secure this rust free car from another client, it had been fitted with light weight composite front wings & under wing (splash guards) protectors all round & was in general excellent condition.We carried out a complete change of colour (windows & engine out ) While the engine was out we fitted PMO carburettors & painted the cover from 911E green to 911S red. Last month we renewed all the oil pipes.

We have been using the car for the past few weeks & its an absolute joy.

The car comes with 2 large folders of history from its original rebuild around 2003 to date. If originality & matching numbers are your thing then perhaps this is not the car for you however with the original McQueen car now valued at over £1m this is an absolute bargain.

These cars are classed as historic making its road tax exempt, mot exempt & its also exempt from the London T-charge being a historic vehicle & from 7th Sept 2020, all historic vehicles will be exempt from the ULEZ. The 24/7 zone will have the same borders as the current Congestion Charge Zone. (COOL BONUS)

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The original (above)