BORDER REIVERS are again pleased to offer the best in Classic Porsche. This time is a very rare Porsche 356 SC (matching numbers). This car comes fully restored and is offered with a hard back book of its restoration journey. The restoration was carried out by Carlos Tavares who is a director of RodaClassica. (wikipedia insert of Carlos Travres) The hard back book is signed by Carlos

Porsche 356 SC

Porsche introduced the final series 356C in July of 1963 and although it was visually similar to the prior 356B, it had actually been carefully improved and refined throughout. Mechanical advancements included 15-inch wheels with smaller ventilation holes and flat hubcaps, standard four-wheel disc brakes, and improvements to the suspension. There were deeper bucket-type reclining seats from Reutter, which owned a seating subsidiary that became famous as ‘Recaro’, short for Reutter Carosserie. Additionally, the body suppliers were now streamlined, with Porsche (which had just purchased Reutter) building the Cabriolets in Stuttgart while the coupes were built by Karmann in Osnabrück. 

Hans Mezger improved upon Porsche’s pushrod-type engine with the 1600 ‘Normal’ 60-horsepower version being replaced by the uprated 1600C unit, which offered 75 horsepower. The 1600SC unit with 95 horsepower replaced the ‘Super 90’ as the most powerful pushrod-type engine in Porsche’s road cars. It delivered peak power at 5,800 RPM and had a 9.5:1 compression ratio, Solex twin-choke carburettors, and light-alloy cylinder barrels with iron liners. Both exhaust and intake valves were enlarged and sodium-filled to dissipate heat. The engine was mated to an all-synchromesh four-speed gearbox which sent the power to the rear wheels. 

Coupe production ended on January 21, 1965 and the last Cabriolet left Porsche’s Zuffenhausen works on April 28, 1965.

The 356SC holds a special place in Porsche history, not only as a sales success but also as an icon of one of the BEST 356’s to drive, a classic automotive design. Motoring enthusiasts new to the classic car world are well served to acquire a “blue chip” Porsche such as this.


1,582 cc OHV air-cooled horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, outputting 95HP, with dual 40 Solex carburettors, four-speed manual 741 transmission, independent front suspension with laminated torsion bars, parallel trailing arms, and tubular shock absorbers, independent rear swing axles with torsion bars and tubular shock absorbers, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

The 356 SC is truly one of the BEST 356s to drive.

This car was fresh from restoration & as such their is always minor issues but not wanting to send the car back to Portugal, the car was sent to PS Services in Essex with instruction to go through it and attend to any issues the restoration has thrown up. PRS gave the owner a bill for just over £6k for the pleasure & knowing PRS that would have been good value.

So what we have on offer is a beautiful well sorted example of this iconic matching numbers Porsche. The underside is as clean as the top. Offered with a hard back restoration book, restoration file, letters of correspondence during restoration, certificate of Authenticity from Porsche, workshop manual. Priced lower than it would cost us to replicate. Basically a new 1964 Porsche for £125K.

These cars are classed as historic making its road tax exempt, mot exempt & its also exempt from the London T-charge being a historic vehicle & from 7th Sept 2020, all historic vehicles will be exempt from the ULEZ. The 24/7 zone will have the same borders as the current Congestion Charge Zone. 

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