Land Rover SVX (60th)

1 Owner from new with just 10k miles from new FLRSH. This car can only be described as new.

Land Rover Defender SVX. The 60th Anniversary Edition, one of 300 built World wide (only 70 of which were Station Wagons) and only 90 cars in total came to the UK.

Border Reivers are delighted to offer this Special limited edition Land Rover Defender SVX 90. This special edition of the iconic Land Rover Defender, introduced to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the generic British 4×4. The original Land Rover made its debut at the Amsterdam show in 1948 – but the family resemblance between it and the modern Defender is still evident.
The SVX is available as both a station wagon and a soft top, offering British buyers the first opportunity to choose an open-skies Defender for two decades. The SVX shares its mechanical layout with the standard Defender, including the same recently revised 2.4 litre four-cylinder Ford turbodiesel engine, but it gains Recaro seats, big wheels and distinctive brightwork, including a silver coloured grilled and headlamp surround.
 Like all Defenders, it’s not quick. But it is easy to drive thanks to the flexible power delivery of the ex-Transit 2.4-litre four-cylinder direct injection diesel engine that has replaced the old five-pot unit.
It’s also flatter-riding than any previous Defender courtesy of some subtle, SVX-only improvements to the damping, and much more comfortable.
The new seats support occupants far better, but they also transform the driving position from the usual Defender olden-days compromise into something close to ideal. Firmer cushioning improves comfort, too.
 The interior also gets some other small but well considered trim changes. This one has a host of added extras carpets, rubber over mats, side steps, mud flap, iPod connectivity, electric windows, satnav, air con and a decent sound system.
 Like any Defender it performs brilliantly off-road thanks to good ground clearance, excellent axle articulation, a locking centre diff and clever traction control.
The SVX will have a small and select following among those seeking the ultimate incarnation of the Defender. All versions of the Defender hold their value well, and the green-and-white 50th anniversary model is now highly prized by collectors.
Only 90 (of 300) SVX soft-tops and station wagons was sold in the UK, so rarity is assured.


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