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The Series IIA is considered by many to be the most hardy version of the Land Rover ever constructed. It’s also the type of classic Land Rover that features strongly in the general public’s perception of the brand due to its many appearances in popular films and television documentaries set in Africa and India throughout the sixties.
In February 1968, just a few months after its manufacturer had been subsumed into the Leyland Motor Corporation, the Land Rover celebrated its twentieth birthday, with total production just short of 600,000 at that point, of which more than 70% had been exported.
Certainly, it was whilst the Series IIA was in production, that sales of utility Land Rovers reached their peak, and in 1969/70 sales of over 60,000 Land Rovers a year were recorded. (For comparison, the sales of the Defender since the 90s have been around the 25,000 level.) Record sales do not automatically confer domination of the market but the Land Rover came to dominate the World simply because it was the best. In the 1960s, the Land Rover represented almost 90% of the Australian 4×4 market and this level of success was repeated in other areas such as Africa and the Middle East.
Good examples of Series IIs and IIAs are now beginning to achieve classic status, and are starting to appreciate in value, although many are still in daily use.
First manufactured in 1966 and registered by the Royal Air Force, this example spent its early years as a work horse on the air base until it was later sold in 1971 (hence the 1971 registration number). Since 1971, it is showing just 3 former keepers on the V5C and had been a well enjoyed and much-loved vehicle by all. Purchased by the current custodian in a somewhat tired condition, the car was thought to be the ideal basis for a detailed restoration project to restore the car to its former glory.
On purchase, it was completely stripped down and the restoration began from the chassis upwards. The bodywork, chassis and running gear were stripped back, repaired where necessary and then reassembled in the time-honoured tradition. The engine was also rebuilt and reconditioned to match the high standards appropriate to this restoration. A similar approach was taken with the interior which is in excellent condition and a real credit, with new upholstery and roof lining through out.
The car really must be seen to truly appreciate the quality of the workmanship involved in bringing this Classic back to life.

This is a true classic being the Series. IIa  12 seater, that is immaculate but understated and would attract admiring glances at the local show, shoot, pub or as we prefer the marina . What ever you choose it is a super cool ride with zero depreciation .

This must be viewed & test driven its just simply fantastic & as close to buying a new 1966 land rover as you will ever get. Perfect for taking the mates to the Le-Mans classic or the family to Goodwood.   A usable year round classic.

Don’t let it leave the country

Sold with a current mot & 6 months warranty


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