Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 (TWR)

Border Reivers are delighted to have been asked to sell this rare Jaguar for a really good client who has unfortunately been advised not to drive due to medical conditions.

Our client is the owner/founder of Linn Hi-Fi & is a known perfectionist. I remember him purchasing Tom Walkinshaws (TWR) very 1st 6.0 which Tom was running as a demonstrator.He ran it for several years (two tone blue) We looked after it at our shop in Glasgow. He was badgered by one particular employee to sell the car to him, eventually he reluctantly agreed on the proviso it was sold back to him.

Time passed & our client asked about his car only to find out to his horror the employee had not honoured the agreement & had privately sold the car.

Our client had enjoyed the experience of his TWR so much the search started for a replacement hence the car we are offering. This is the result of several years of waiting for a car to become available in the condition that would satisfy a perfectionist.

This is a Jaguar Sport XJR-S from 1990 (03-01-1990) 5993cc (6.0) V12. Our Titled client is the 6th owner in 32 years

Supplied by Appleyard Rippon (Leeds)

We have the original document wallet with all the original documents inc the service book.

We drove the car from our clients country home in Perthshire & its a wonderful step back in time.

Sensibly priced for a rare & collectible Jaguar.


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