Ferrari 360 Spider

Who doesn’t love a red Ferrari?  Rosso Corsa Red with Black interior with Challenge Stradale upgrades. Bet you’re still watching old repeats of Magnum Pi in his GTS. That for many folk of a certain age is where the love affair began a bit like the Porsche 930 Turbo bedroom poster car.

This Ferrari 360 Spider is a bit different as its a homage to the Challenge Stradale. Using many Stradale parts like the Seats,  Wheels, Mirrors, Body stripe, Petrol flap, Challenge Stradale badge/emblem, Carbon Centre console, Radio display, Dashboard cluster, Inner door panel, Gear shift paddles, Rear window louvers, Compensation panel with chrome cavalino etc etc

All this on top of an already well equipped car (even the Ferrari Scuderia shields on the wings are an optional extra)

This convertible has an electric hood which goes up & down with the touch of a button.

This is a stunning bit of kit with Supercar looks & performance for very sensible money

Properly looked after car with a great service history which includes a recent belt change. In outstanding condition it comes with a spare wheel, its original tool kit and document folder with all its original books also an original sales brochure. An investment you can have fun with.

Service-Mot-Mileage History

Supplied New by Graypaul Ferrari in Sheffield 08-08-2001

1st Service by Mortimer,Houghton,Turner (MHT) Ferrari 31-07-2002  003218 miles

2nd Service by Maranello Ferrari 07-11-2003 007831 miles

3rd Service by Maranello Ferrari 11-11-2004  009526 miles

mot 10-09-2005  – 011505 miles

4th Service by Maranello Ferrari 28-12-2005  011897 miles

mot 14-09-2006 – 13179 miles

mot 23-11-2006 – 13706 miles

5th Service by Stratstone Ferrari 30-11-2006  013718 miles (new clutch)

mot 30-05-2007 – 15262 miles

6th Service by Stratstone Ferrari 15-06-2007  015294 miles (belts replaced)

7th Service by Stratstone Ferrari 04-06-2008 016246 miles

mot 05-06-2008 – 16264 miles

mot 16-05-2009 – 16677 miles

8th Service by Shiltech Ferrari 14-09-2009  016956 miles

mot 03-06-2010 – 020909

9th Service by Shiltech Ferrari 15-12-2010  021749 miles (belts replaced)

mot 03-06-2011 – 025782 miles

10th Service by Shilteck Ferrari 02-05-2012 028950 miles

mot 09-06-2012 – 030133 miles

mot 08-06-2013 – 032869 miles

11th Service by Lancaster Ferrari 16-09-2013  033529 miles

mot 09-06-2014 – 034908 miles

mot 01-06-2015 – 036475 miles

12th Serviced by Lancaster Ferrari 11-06-2015  036503 miles

mot 09-06-2016 – 038062 miles

13th Serviced by Lancaster Ferrari 23-08-2016  038931 miles (belts replaced)

mot 15-06-2017 – 41582 miles

14th Serviced by Lancaster Ferrari 28-11-2017  041871 miles

mot 11-06-2018 – 042217 miles

mot 17-06-2019 – 044560 miles

15th Service by LM Supercars 12-08-2020  045537 miles (belts replaced)

mot 05-08-2021 – 045584 miles

16th Serviced by Grimaldi 03-05-2022  045835 miles

mot 03-08-2022 – 45952 miles

17th Serviced by DSD Motorwerks 11-01-2023  046046 miles

mot 01-02-2024 – 046501 miles

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Tool kit & document wallet