DeLorean DC-12 1981

We sorced this car for a client who used it as a promotional vehicle for their business however it’s now surplus to requirements & they have asked Border Reivers to find it a new home.We purchased this car because it had been regularly used, was very original & the finest driving De-Lorean available.Its currently with ourselves & available immediately for sale.

John Z Delorean’s superb track record as a General Motors executive was beyond dispute, and it was in large part this which convinced the British Government to make a huge investment  in the plans for the DeLorean Motor Company’s Belfast factory, to build a spectacular new sports car. Contrary to popular opinion he very nearly succeeded; the factory got built, the car got developed (with a considerable input from Lotus), and almost nine thousand cars were built, all in the  remarkably short period of three years. 

The innovative stainless steel body and gullwing doors were well integrated into a strikingly attractive design by legendary Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro; even today a DMC-12 will stop traffic like few other cars. However cash flow issues,poor and a bleak economical climate sales eventually overwhelmed the company, and forced them into receivership in 1982.




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