Alvis(Silver Eagle)1936

Border Reivers are delighted to bring this beautiful Alvis to the market place.

Alvis Silver Eagle SG 16.95hp

Car was built 30th Dec 1935 and registered 1st Jan 1936 in Nottingham to a Mr Cripps in Ollerton, Notts. England.

Conformation from Alvis register with following docs.

-Alvis Achieve trust certificate.

-First owner  and car numbers.

-Copy of factory Build record.

-Copy of Notts CC register.

-Copy of Original Works Guarantee card, still held by Alvis records.

Originally a Drop Head Coupe bodied by Cross and Ellis, finished in Black.

Re bodied (alloy) some 30 years ago, finished in Black.

Car has successfully and reliably been used to tour Europe.

Used also for Historic Endurance events and Hill climbs.

Tulpen Rally, twice

Flying Scotsman, twice

Bo’ness Hill climb

The car has finished  all events. 

Only Problem on a big event was Dynamometer failed but was then re-wound.

Never applied for FIVA as not required for Enduro rally events.

The car has been sympathetically modified and prepared to give performance and reliability.

Engine built by Ian Ross had new liners made of more modern material and top hatted on to machined block to prevent slippage.

Phoenix crank and shells

Forged pistons

Machined to give a compression of 7.5 to 1

Solid copper gasket, spare with car.

Four branch extractor exhaust.

Distributor re-mapped, print out with car.

ATSpeed dynode and hand fettled 3 carb needles to give torque curve required.

Easily does hairpins in mountains in 2nd gear.

Dyno Print out available.

Engine 2.7 litre

Speed 20 Camshaft

Alloy big valve head with hardened valve guides

Re mapped distributor with removable electronic module, points mechanism supplied.

AT Speed, Car Dyno print out

103hp at 81mph

124 lbft at 3681 rpm

Brakes 14 inch drum brakes cable operated with a servo, (very good)

Brake lining hardly wear and are re lined and good.

Car pulls up square and you can lock it up if desired.

Gearbox is original, rebuilt,(Full Synchromesh) with inline o/d

Cooling was addressed by larger radiator coring & a modified water pump.

Car runs anti freeze and water wetter to keep temp down and provide better corrosion inhibition.  

Discrete electric fan with thermostat and override. Fan set at 80 deg but override on 3 way switch. Rarely required.

Oil cooler fitted 

Triple SU carbs, rebuilt

Twin SU pumps on separate switches.

Front axle re-built with new king pins and re bushed. All crack tested when re built.

Dynamo re wound also, invoice with paperwork

Wheels rebuilt on new rims and spokes using original centres (Motor wheel services)

Uprated hubs

Billet steel drive plates (Jelly Moulds)

I have a balance adaptor machined to fit the jelly mould drives that will come with car.

This car sits rock steady with 1  finger on the wheel.

Alloy 75 litre tank.

Twin su electronic pumps.

Fuel lines all braided cloth covered.

Halda rebuilt and spot on calibration in mph at present, spec present for km and again spot on. 

Speedo rebuilt and re-calibrated, again spot on 

This Alvis has formed part of a private collection. The owner is an enthusiastic driver & like all his cars to be on the button & ready to compete.

(The only defect we could find on inspection is a crack on one light glass)

This car is priced very competitively to sell (no offers of part exchange)



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