Porsche 930 Flachbau Turbo


Porsche  911-930 Factory Flachbau Turbo  . RHD with 11K miles from new FSH

Presented in as new condition. This Guards red Turbo looks quite amazing.

In 1986 Porsche finally offered the slantnose, called Flachbau in German, straight from the factory. The official designation in the UK was Turbo SE and it is also sometimes referred to as the flatnose. Offered as the ultimate 930 Turbo, the this model had an upgraded body and a 330 bhp engine.
Costing nearly double the standard model, the Flachbau was rarely ordered. Before 1986, Porsche had offered the Flachbau body option out of its customer service department known as Sonderwunschen. These were handmade cars, not limited to just the Turbo, but the Carrera and Carrera SC as well. In the 1987 model year, these were produced with the M505 code for USA for an astounding $23,244 extra and M506 for the rest of the world.
Despite the panels being slightly heavier, they were modelled after the 935 race car for top speed. The conversion required extended rocker panels, wider rear flares with scooped vents and flip-up headlights up front with functional louvres.
With a jump in horsepower, it’s not surprising that the Flachbau was the fastest of all 930 models, reaching a factory claimed 171 mph. Acceleration was rated by the factory at 0-100 kph in 5.2 seconds.
The Flachbau was sold worldwide. Around 800 models were sold.

This car was worked on by tom in 1991 when it was owned by his friend & he has known the car since.

A Scottish car believed to have been originally supplied new by Glen Henderson Porsche in Glasgow.



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