1943 WW2 Willys/Ford Jeep


Be different at the Goodwood revival with your Naval Officer Whites or Shore Patrol outfit,What ever you decide you will stand out from the multitude of  drab green Jeeps. Whats the price of Cool ?

In early 1940, the United States Department of War had determined it needed a light, cross-country, four-wheel drive, reconnaissance vehicle and was eager to have one in time for, what may possibly turn out to be, America’s entry into World War II in Europe. The U.S. Army solicited proposals from domestic car manufacturers for a replacement for its existing, ageing, light motor vehicles, mainly motorcycles and sidecars, and some Ford Model Ts. Recognising the need to create standard specifications, the Army formalised its requirements on July 11, 1940, and submitted them to 135 U.S. automotive manufacturers.It’s a matter of history that ultimately two manufacturers were successful, Willys with their MB (US quarter-ton Army truck) and later, Ford with their GPW (in production designated GP) Impressively the time taken from conception and tenders being sent out, to the production lines starting to roll, was less than two hundred days, amazing for a vehicle that has stood the test of time and become an unlikely motoring icon. This ability to get things done quickly and well was the deciding factor in America being asked to produce military hardware in vast numbers and build hundreds of ships, arguably influencing the outcome of the Second World War. As the war progressed Willys-Overland produced over 300,000 Jeeps and the Ford Motor Co. was drafted in to help boost production and contributed over 250,000 units. Ford assembled Jeeps were recognisable by their pressed steel grilles as opposed to the Willys’ slat style grille. Considering the manner in which the Jeep was conceived and its role in warfare, it’s remarkable that most of the finest classic car collections will include a Willys or Ford WWII Jeep, making this very original example offered here a candidate for serious consideration should one of these yardstick cars have, so far, eluded you. This excellent and rare, Ford built, GPW Jeep was Found into the UK (Far north of Scotland) and is a consummate piece of military history. Every rural car show in the country now has a section for Military Vehicles, and with WW2 re-enactments and the prestigious classic car meetings all clamouring for 1940s Jeeps, this stunningly example could keep you busy for the rest of the summer.

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