Porsche Pre-A 356

To enjoy certain objects of luxury today, you must be a bit of a sadist. 
You must be willing to pay enough so that it hurts a little to swallow the fee. You must be willing to endure a waiting period (weeks? years?) Stretched taut between the moment of desire and the moment you acquire the object that prompts it. 
An Hermès Birkin, a Patek Philippe split-second chronograph, a 1998 Krug Clos d’Ambonnay. The hurdles to obtaining them lend to the ecstasy of their possession. So it is when you finally drive our Porsche Three Fifty-Six Outlaw.

Border Reivers 1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A, Sunroof Coupe
This beautiful 1953 Porsche is in excellent condition all round both bodily and mechanically, it has a host of very rare and desirable period extras, which include a Carrera fuel tank with racing style bonnet access,Bosch driving lamps, leather bonnet straps,aluminium Carrera mounted wing mirror,Roll hoop/bar,Speedster seat for the driver & the passengers seat is in the style of the original mechanics seat from a Porsche 550 also included is plexiglas quarter glass windows, Carrera style drop door glass,Racing harness, fire extinguisher, rear seat delete and a whole heap more. The decals are self adhesive and can easily be removed. This car is stunning, quick and super cool.

This car was built by a Dario Calandra a close family friend of Rod Emory. Built in the true spirit of his cars. Rod actually commented…. We had a hand in the building of this car, it is a very neat car, Dario did a wonderful job building it in the same spirit of the cars we build so much so we awarded it with the honorary Emory badge on completion.

Driving this car 
won’t make you thinner
it won’t make your hair grow back 
it wont make you more attractive
it won’t make your wife hot
But God it will make you Cool………….

A bit about Emory

Emory cars are built to order from Emory Motorsports and as such are cherished by their owner, they are frighteningly expensive & almost never change hands.

The Porsche 356 has become an icon, and today, almost every example is deemed a candidate for salvation. Many are rebuilt as pleasurable drivers, while others are exactingly reconstructed and contend in international concours. However, more than a few owners dismiss the idea of a just-like-it-left-the-factory restoration. They enjoy customising their Porsches in ways that Zuffenhausen could and would never have conceived. Their non-conformist ideas have roots in the true hot-rod and custom shops that had emerged in Southern California.

Emory History

Gary Emory’s father, Neil, owned Valley Custom Shop, one of the best-known, but Gary’s interests carried him to those strange little German cars. For years, he ran the parts department of a major dealership, immersing himself in all the nuances of the marque. He liked to add small custom touches to his own cars, as well as customers’, and he even created a small badge with a Maltese cross to replace the 356s stock rear torsion bar cover. He called his cars “Outlaws.”

with Jay Leno – below 

This unique Porsche Pre-a  356, the epitome of the “Outlaw,”

This Porsche 356 Pre-a was acquired by Border Reivers direct from Dario from his private collection in Canada. It was being offered to the next rebellious driver who is willing to take this Outlaw on the run however Tom fell for it & it was part of his personal collection.

Emory, learned the trade from his grandfather and his father, who had also worked as career mechanics and restorers.
Keepers of the Porsche flame, it seems, did not take well to the Emorys’ enthusiasm for non-original additions such as disc brakes (rather than drum), 4-cylinder engines sourced from 911s, overhead cams, lowered suspensions, and such modern amenities as seat belts.
“Early on, people gave us a hard time,” Emory says. “We’d go to car shows, and they would make us park out in the dirt.” 
Now, of course, the 356s are in high demand. The young head of a prominent national hamburger chain drives one. So do dozens of entrepreneurial Hollywood types gone big. 
You can get one, too. As long as you are among the chosen few—those allowed to perform the holy sacrament of paying $450,000 to $900,000 for the privilege of ownership. 

History in the Making, Again

For the select six or so people a year, once they get behind the wheel, all strife fades as quickly as water vapour on an exhaust pipe. 

Come see it on the Border Reivers stand at Essen Techno Classic Show 2020

Serious enquires only. if you don’t get this don’t call

It is now back on its original steel wheels after trying on some shiny Rudge’s

*NOTE*  Registration Number 356A not included in the sale of this car, however it maybe available .

These cars are classed as historic making its road tax exempt, mot exempt & its also exempt from the London T-charge being a historic vehicle & from 7th Sept 2020, all historic vehicles will be exempt from the ULEZ. The 24/7 zone will have the same borders as the current Congestion Charge Zone. 

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border outlawKSv7ch_PW MASTER

P1020469 SNV30177 SNV30053 SNV30104

Winning the Porsche Concours, Outright. Best overall, People choice, Best early air cooled Porsche. (above)

As purchased (below) from a private collection in Canada

17a  in emorys shop

Our car at Emory Motorsports shop (above)

SNV30334TJ growing up with the car
Emory Special wing badges & torsion bar covers which we removed along with the Emory Outlaw badge

On our stand at Essen Techno Classic