Porsche 964 RHD


The Three Fifty Six is our favourite Porsche ever however the 964 is our favourite 911. With prices of the 964 RS now having gone ballistic, very few people will now use them as they were intended. We modified and raced them in the day when they could be purchased for around £20k, now any standard 964 coupe needing restored is worth that. We decided to build our own tribute 964RS. We took the Porsche championship winning 964 race car known as the (Goose) stripped it to the bare metal removed around 3 tins of filler before painting it in the beautiful colour of Porsche maritime blue. We had the engine rebuilt, fitted some genuine RS & RSR parts we had in the shop, including a set of refurbished cup wheels . This stunning looking Porsche 964 is now lighter & faster than a standard 964RS without the ridiculous price tag. We have decided to sell it & invest in another of our projects. More images of the restoration on our restoration/preservation page of our website.


£ 89999

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