BMW i8

Something a bit different from Border Reivers . This stunning BMW i8 which with only 1k miles can only be described as new. Offered from the original purchaser , who ordered the car without actually seeing or test driving it only to find out he couldnt really get in & out it with his dodgy back after delivery, to save face he gave it to his wife to use but as a horsey person, She had absolutely no use for it, so its been sitting in their garage at home. I had a meeting with him regarding another car and convinced him to sell it. He confessed to having a large glass of Scotch too many when ticking the option boxes on line and as a result it has almost every option available top of the range at £121k new. When comparing this to others make sure its like for like as this is fully loaded with only 1,200 miles.


£ 59999

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